Infragistics Unveils UI Components for Blazor

Infragistics, specializing in third-party UI/UX controls and tools, unveiled a new offering targeting Blazor, Microsoft's red-hot open source framework that allows for C#-based web development instead of traditional mainstay JavaScript.

While the company already offered third-party controls for Blazor -- and many other .NET-centric products -- the new Ignite UI for Blazor specifically narrows the focus with components including:

  • Blazor Data Grid: A modern and architectural foundation with interactive UX features. Designed for high-performance and high-volume data scenarios.
  • Editors and Combo Box: Enable a complete in-line editing experience in the grid.
  • Charts: Designed to let users visualize any type of data and deliver interactive graphs, with more than 60 chart types. Optimized for real-time, streaming data scenarios.
  • Dock Manager: A Visual Studio-like window management experience including docked panes, split panes, drag-and-drop window arrangement and more.

Infragistics also targets many other frameworks, including several offerings in the Microsoft camp such as ASP.NET Web Forms, Windows Forms and UI for WPF.

In an Oct. 22 news release (Ignite UI for Blazor was actually announced Sept. 29), the company quoted Daniel Roth, ASP.NET program manager at Microsoft, as saying, "In Blazor we sought to introduce a framework that enables .NET developers to build modern full stack web apps with .NET. Our longtime partners at Infragistics are using their expertise to offer .NET developers the UI tools they need to build web applications without having to tackle JavaScript."

Third-party vendors targeting the .NET ecosystem seem to be making a push to ship Blazor products ahead of the .NET 5 debut, as Progress just announced a new UI Components for Blazor offering.

On its Blazor web site, Microsoft touts the framework's large third-party ecosystem for UI components, specifically listing vendors Telerik, DevExpress, Syncfusion, Radzen, Infragistics, GrapeCity and jQWidgets.

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