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Mads Kristensen's Sneak Peek at Visual Studio's AI Future, To 'Rekindle Our Love of Coding'

With advanced generative AI systems reshaping software development, Microsoft's Mads Kristensen detailed the many ways AI will improve coding in Visual Studio.

Bard vs. Bing: AI Search Bots Answer Questions About Visual Studio and .NET

With Google recently releasing a generative AI-powered search bot called Bard to rival Microsoft's "new Bing" search experience, we put both to the test, feeding them identical questions about Visual Studio and .NET.

Microsoft Cloud Dev Advocate Laurent Bugnion Talks Event-Driven Applications in Azure

"Learning about event-based services changes the way that web applications are built, and is an important part of how the modern web works."

Philip Japikse's Deep Dive into Web Services with ASP.NET Core

Renowned web-dev expert to dive into the foundations of ASP.NET Core, building RESTful services with ASP.NET Core and documenting services with Swagger.

Q&A with Billy Hollis: Getting Started with Design Thinking for Developers and Managers

"By far the No. 1 reason decision makers don't get enthusiastic about design is that they have no idea how much money they're leaving on the table."

Q&A on Entity Framework for Enterprise Applications with Ben Day

What do you do when your simple EF app isn't so simple anymore and entity relationships are getting complex and you're getting worried about performance problems. Can you even use EF in a high-performance, scalable web application?

Q&A: Developing Web Sites with ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

Microsoft says Razor Pages development in ASP.NET Core can make coding page-focused web-dev scenarios easier and more productive than using the controllers and views integral to another option: the Model View Controller (MVC) approach.

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Hybrid Web Frameworks Q&A with Allen Conway: Reach Android/iOS with JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Learn how offerings like Ionic, Cordova and others provide an alternative to straight web-dev, Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), native development and other cross-platform dev frameworks like Xamarin (now .NET MAUI), Flutter, React Native and so on.

Hands-On Blazor Q&A with Roland Guijt

The red-hot Blazor project has been burning through the Microsoft-centric web-dev world with its brand-new C#-based experience, but does the hype match the reality?

Q&A with Alon Fliess: To Microservice or Not to Microservice? (and How?)

The microservices architectural style is one of the foundational pillars of today's cloud-native development world, along with modern design, containers, backing services and automation.

Taking My New GitHub Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' for a Spin

My Copilot does a lot of cool things, but sometimes it repeats itself and doesn't seem to want to compute the value of pi.

Hands On with Latest Visual Studio 2022 Preview Features

Trying out some hidden functionality that can be enabled with a few mouse clicks (and maybe an IDE restart).


Q&A with Tony Champion: Building Secure and Scalable APIs in .NET 6

Whether you are building desktop apps, mobile apps or Single-Page Applications (SPAs), nearly every application needs backend APIs. Not only do these APIs need to provide business functionality, but they need to be performant, scalable and most importantly secure.


Q&A: Deep Dive on Blazor

We caught up with Rockford Lhotka about an upcoming deep-dive presentation on the "hottest" project in the Microsoft-centric web-dev space, which provides a C#-based experience instead of JavaScript, now targeting mobile and even desktop.


Q&A: Saving Money with Design Thinking for App Dev Teams

"You can make and save a *lot* of money by placing design thinking and innovation at the heart of your application development -- perhaps more money than your entire software development budget!"


Q&A: Dapr for Building Distributed .NET Applications

Dapr addresses a large challenge inherent in modern distributed applications: complexity.


Q&A: ASP.NET Core Beyond the Basics

What if you already know what the Startup class does, how configuration is handled and what Kestrel is?

Edit Local Images/Text from a .NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid App

With .NET 6 and the latest Visual Studio 2022 preview, developers can create a hybrid Blazor/.NET MAUI app that can work with local machine resources in ways that ordinary Blazor (web) apps can't.

Q&A with Jim Wooley: C# Past, Present, and Beyond

The Microsoft MVP and LINQ expert discusses the best current C# features, how developers can stay on top of changes, and what they often get wrong about Microsoft's flagship coding language.

Q&A with Miguel Castro: Demystifying Microservice Architecture

The longtime Microsoft MVP first defines microservices, then explains the biggest misconception about them, typical benefits and when they're not the answer.

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