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Choosing the Right UI Framework for Native Windows Applications

What tech should a .NET coder use for a new Windows desktop app when presented with a dizzying array of options that include .NET MAUI, WinUI, WinForms, WPF, UWP, Blazor and so on?

From Zero to .NET MAUI: Seeking One Codebase to Run Everywhere

The promise of writing one codebase and running it everywhere has never really panned out for developers. However, using XAML and .NET MAUI, you come much closer.

Demystify the Art of Securing Microservices with .NET 8 Identity Techniques

Securing microservices can feel like herding cats, and in the dynamic world of .NET 8 the challenge of ensuring robust security looms large as developers embrace the agility and flexibility of this cloud-centric architectural style, but here's help.

Rethinking Team Metrics

Team metrics date back to the waterfall days before Agile DevOps, Kanban, Scrum and all the rest, but they might not be providing the valuable information you need in the modern software development world.

My App Is Fully Concurrent and Async, but What About the Database?

You've carefully crafted a concurrent application taking advantage of all the latest and greatest language features. It scales magnificently and it's the jewel of the cloud. But what about the database? What happens when simultaneous queries are executed against the same data?

Mastering Application Testing: Scaling and Continuous UI Testing with Playwright

Embracing automated testing is crucial for achieving technical resilience in modern applications, and for web UI testing that embrace is easier with Microsoft's Playwright.

Crafting an AI Mixologist Using Semantic Kernel

What better way to learn about cutting-edge AI than creating a "copilot" assistant that can act as a mixologist, suggesting new cocktail recipes based on available ingredients?

Create a Working Neural Network Prediction System with C#

Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research will teach how to do just that at an upcoming Visual Studio Live! developer conference.

Tools and Libraries for Building Cloud-Ready Apps in .NET

Creating any kind of software application is difficult enough, but in the cloud things only get harder when complexities like microservices, distributed teams and so on are thrown into the mix.

Advanced ASP.NET Core

Going beyond the many "hello world" presentations out there, expert developer and presenter Chris Klug specializes in sharing his higher-level knowledge on topics including Microsoft's ASP.NET Core framework for web development.

Machine Learning for .NET Developers Starts with ML.NET and AutoML

With software development's AI-powered future recently announcing itself, putting AI to work right now in your apps is a good way to position yourself for that future today.

Can You Read the Code You Wrote Last Week? How to Do Better

The positive impact authoring readable code can have on your career can be enormous, as developers spend far more time reading code than writing it.

Exploring Performance-Boosting Caching in ASP.NET 7 Web API

Web devs looking for a performance boost can pick some low-hanging fruit by using caching, but the topic might be more complicated than it seems and could affect stability.

Building, Testing and Releasing: The Importance of Continuous Delivery

The idea is to reduce the cost, time and risk of delivering changes so you can deploy more often and ensure that your software is heading in the right direction.

SQL Server 2022: Ledger, DDM and T-SQL Enhancements

While ledger is a game-changer for security, SQL Server 2022 also introduced new functionality around Dynamic Data Masking (DDM), T-SQL enhancements and more.

Rockford Lhotka Introduces Blazor

"Until Blazor, most of us were stuck writing services in C# and the client in JavaScript, but now we can get back to an environment where it is possible to share code between server and client, along with having just one technology to learn."

Jason Bock Explains What's New in .NET 7 APIs

Jason Bock will explain what's new in .NET 7 APIs at a big August developer conference in San Diego.

Take a Whirlwind Tour of Building .NET Apps in Azure with Microsoft's Matthew Soucoup

Are you mystified by all the Azure services Microsoft provides to help developers build .NET apps in the cloud?

Living the Container Life in Azure with Esteban Garcia

Once you get a handle on how containers actually work and containerizations concepts, it's time for you to think about how you will run them in Azure.

How to Use AI to Create Your Own 'Super Macro' VS Code Extensions

Easy-to-make tools can provide just about whatever functionality you need instantly with a three-stroke key combination.

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