'Dev Home' Update Leads Developer Goodies in AI-Powered Windows 11 Update

Along with today's new AI-powered Windows 11 update come new goodies for developers, including a new edition of Dev Home, a preview offering described as a "control center" providing coding-focused features and functionality.

Community Dev Gives VS Code Python Some YAPF

The latest update to Python in Visual Studio Code includes a new extension for Python formatting that was contributed by a member of the open source community.

Devs Demand Visual Studio 2022 Ditch Old .NET Framework Dependencies

Developers commenting on a Microsoft post about performance improvements in the upcoming .NET 8 demanded the company end Visual Studio 2022's dependency on the old .NET Framework.

Microsoft Remakes Azure Quantum Dev Kit with Rust, 'and It Runs in the Browser!'

"The' tl;dr' is that we rewrote it (mostly) in Rust which compiles to WebAssembly for VS Code or the web, and to native binaries for Python."

GitHub Copilot Chat Beta Opens Up for Everybody

GitHub Copilot Chat has taken another step toward general availability, as GitHub announced a beta offering previously accessible only by team/business customers is now available to individuals.

Mads K's Favorite Features in New Visual Studio 2022 17.8 Preview 2

With at least 20 main enhancements explained in detail in the announcement post for Visual Studio 2022 17.8 Preview 2, Microsoft's Mads Kristensen has boiled down his favorites.

What's New in First Release Candidates for .NET 8, .NET MAUI, ASP.NET Core and EF8

Microsoft shipped the first release candidates for its .NET 8 offerings, including the main framework, the .NET MAUI evolution of Xamarin.Forms and the ASP.NET Core web-dev components, not to mention Entity Framework (EF8) for data devs.

What's New for GitHub Copilot Chat in Visual Studio Code v1.82

One new feature of the tool is the ability to create workspaces from a natural language description.

Uno Platform Boosts .NET MAUI Embedding, Helps Revamp Windows Toolkit

Uno Platform shipped a new release that adds .NET MAUI embedding, fresh on the heels of helping Microsoft completely revamp its Windows Community Toolkit.

The Visual Studio Magazine 2023 Reader's Choice Awards Are Out

Visual Studio Magazine readers for the 29th year have identified their favorite development tools used in the Microsoft-centric developer space in the 2023 Reader's Choice Awards.

.NET Upgrade Assistant Boosts MAUI as .NET 8 Nears GA

Microsoft upgraded its .NET Upgrade Assistant tool with improvements to .NET MAUI functionality and other new features as it gets ready to ship .NET 8 next month.

Devs' Choice to Replace Visual Studio for Mac? Rider

After Microsoft this week angered developers by giving up on Visual Studio for Mac and recommending alternative replacements, many of those devs have overwhelmingly voiced support for something else: the Rider IDE from JetBrains.

After Killing Visual Studio for Mac, Microsoft Reassures Fearful .NET MAUI Devs

The retirement announcement drew much developer ire among a whopping 96 comments, along with fears that Microsoft may give up on .NET MAUI and maybe even Visual Studio itself.

Microsoft Kills Visual Studio for Mac

The IDE for years suffered from performance and reliability problems that the dev team just couldn't overcome.

Avalonia VS Code Tool Now in Preview for Everyone

"We know you've been waiting for this!" said Avalonia UI in announcing general access to its VS Code extension for working with the popular, open source, cross-platform UI framework for .NET.

C# Spotlight: Earn Cert and Dice Advice

Microsoft announced a new foundational certification one day before careers site Dice cited advice to become a C# developer.

Visual Studio Tool Lets Devs See Images, Not Just Text Strings

"It would be nice if those image references could show us the images too."

What's New in TypeScript 5.2

Microsoft shipped TypeScript 5.2, the latest edition of the popular programming language that adds the optional ability to use type systems when working with JavaScript.

Microsoft Previews 'Python in Excel'

Integrating the data science darling programming language with the super-popular spreadsheet program means analysts will no longer have to jump through so many workaround hoops or use third-party add-ins.

VS Code Tool for Microsoft Teams Sports New Chat Bot App Template

Because AI hasn't quite been infused into every single Microsoft product and service yet, the company today announced a new AI chat bot template for its Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code.

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