VS Code v1.74 (November 2022): 'Remote Development Even Better'

Microsoft's dev team for Visual Studio Code is previewing new remote development functionality for the super-popular, open source-based code editor.

Spring Cloud Azure 4.5 Furthers Microsoft's 'Passwordless' Push

"Passwords are a hassle to use, and they present security risks for users and organizations of all sizes."

'Is WPF Dead?' Some Devs Claim 'Yes' as Microsoft Relegates Issues/PRs to the Community

Microsoft: "We now switch to the model where we accept a lot of PRs from the community because we think of WPF as very mature project so not that much rapid development is happening in WPF area, but we totally support it."

Microsoft Trumpets 2 Million Java Devs on VS Code

The team maintains extensions, including the Extension Pack for Java (16.4 million installs), which bundles six individual extensions that provide the VS Code Java experience.

Java on Azure Tooling Update Boosts Remote Debugging

Functionality infused into the Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code.

VS Code Preview: Python in the Browser, Executed by WebAssembly

In the December update to Python in Visual Studio Code, developers can experiment with a new preview feature that lets them run and debug Python code in the browser.

Uno Platform Survey: Windows Usurps Android as Most Important Target

Uno Platform, a close Microsoft partner that cooperates with Redmond on developer tooling, published a community survey that, among other things, finds Windows has supplanted Android as the most important target for developers.

Visual Studio 2022 v17.5 Preview 2: Guided by Developer Community Votes

If you want a sneak peek at what new goodies are coming for your favorite IDE, the Visual Studio section of Microsoft's Developer Community feedback site is a good place to start, chock full of bug reports and feature requests that help guide the dev team.

Microsoft Eyes New 'Developer News' Feed in Visual Studio, Last Seen in VS 2017

Facing years of developer feedback, Microsoft is experimenting with bringing back the Developer News feed within Visual Studio, where it was last seen in VS 2017.

New .NET MAUI Community Toolkit Built on .NET 7

Along with new views and layouts, the latest iteration of Microsoft's .NET MAUI Community Toolkit is out with a version built on .NET 7.

Visual Studio for Mac 17.4 Ships with .NET MAUI Support

Visual Studio for Mac v17.4 shipped earlier this month along with its Windows counterpart, with support for .NET MAUI heading a host of improvements.

So Just How Much Faster Is Visual Studio 2022 17.4?

It has speedier find in files, branch switching, configuration changes, unit testing, C++ indexing and file saving.

Visual Studio 'Port Forwarding' Now 'Dev Tunnels,' So What's a Dev Tunnel?

A private preview of Visual Studio port forwarding in ASP.NET Core web-dev projects has turned into a public preview of dev tunnels, Microsoft announced this week. So what's a dev tunnel?

Dev Skills Report: 'Keep an Eye on TypeScript'

"TypeScript posted a doubletake-inducing 2,788 percent gain."

Microsoft Ships ML.NET 2.0 and New Model Builder Version for Machine Learning

Heading the highlights of ML.NET 2.0 are new APIs for working with text, specifically text classification in Model Builder, along with a sentence similarity API.

Windows App SDK 1.2 Lets Devs Create Third-Party Windows 11 Widgets

Prior, Windows 11 widgets, those little boxes of text/graphics content that provide users with information generated by installed apps, such as news, weather, traffic, texts and so on, were off limits to Windows developers.

Old Fashioned Mics

Keyboardless Coding? GitHub Copilot 'AI Pair Programmer' Gets Voice Commands

The GitHub Copilot "AI pair programmer" coding assistant has introduced voice commands, experimental at first.

What's New for ASP.NET Core & Blazor in .NET 7

New functionality for the ASP.NET Core web-dev component of .NET 7 starts out with several enhancements to Blazor, which lets Microsoft-centric web coders use their favorite programming language, C#, instead of JavaScript.

Visual Studio 2022 17.4 Now Generally Available

Visual Studio 2022 17.4 has shipped, boasting first-time native support for Arm64 and working with the brand-new .NET 7.

.NET 7 Finally Arrives as Unifying Microsoft Development Platform

During this week's Net Conf 2022 event, .NET 7 arrived to finally do what .NET 5 was supposed to do in 2020: crown Microsoft's years-long effort to unify disparate development products with "just one .NET going forward."

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