Microsoft Won't Do Drag-and-Drop for Blazor

Don't look for Microsoft to provide drag-and-drop functionality for Blazor, though it can still be done via JavaScript interop.

How to Prepare for .NET 5 End-of-Support on May 8

Microsoft has published guidance on how to prepare for the upcoming end of support for .NET 5.

Microsoft Offers Visual Studio 2019 in New Azure VM for Game Development

The customized, GPU-supported, Azure VM comes pre-installed with tools enabling game production on the cloud, suitable for use with Unreal Engine and Perforce Helix Core.

VS Code Power Platform Tools Now Generally Available

Microsoft announced the general availability of a Visual Studio Code extension for working with the Power Platform, a line of business intelligence, app development and app connectivity applications.

Microsoft Claims 2 of Top 5 Favorite Programming Languages in New Report

Careers firm Hired published a "2022 State of Software Engineers" report that analyzes demand, salaries, skills and preferences, including programming languages.

Java on VS Code: More Snippet Shortcuts, Optimized Code Completion

The regular monthly update to Java on Visual Studio Code sees added shortcut snippets aligning with other editors, optimized code completion, improvements to the Maven build automation tool and more pre-release version of extensions.

Visual Studio 2022 v17.2 Previews Live Unit Testing

The second preview of Visual Studio 2022 version 17.2 is out with a full gamut of tweaks across all areas: including C++, .NET productivity, web tools and testing.

Sporting a New MenuBar, .NET MAUI Heads for Release Candidate

Addressing an impressive array of issues, .NET MAUI gets a new MenuBar in Preview 14, the last stop before it reaches Release Candidate status.

.NET 7 Inches Closer to NativeAOT in Preview 2

Native ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation -- a much-requested and long-awaited feature for .NET -- is getting closer in the new .NET 7 Preview 2.

Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview Brings Back Xamarin Support

Visual Studio 2022 for Mac keeps trudging along toward general availability several months behind its Windows cousin, with the latest preview introducing new Azure Functions V4 tooling and reintroducing Xamarin mobile tooling.

Uno Platform Taps Xamarin for .NET WebAssembly Memory Profiler Support

In its latest update, Uno Platform borrowed some Xamarin/Mono tech to add brand-new memory profiler support to .NET WebAssembly.

C# 11 Features Now Previewing in Visual Studio: Generic Attributes and More

A new "What's new in C# 11" post explains new features available in preview with the latest tooling bits: NET 6.0.200 SDK or Visual Studio 2022 v17.1.

Edge DevTools Team Seeks 'Constructive Discussions'

Microsoft's Edge DevTools development team is actively seeking feedback to help improve the product with a new GitHub repo to collect comments.

Low-Code Microsoft Power Apps Gets Pay-as-You-Go Plan via Azure Subscription

New pricing plan announced as Power Apps about to enter new six-month release wave.

PowerShell Crescendo Now Generally Available

It's used to create native commands by rapidly developing PowerShell cmdlets for common command-line tools, regardless of platform.

Microsoft Coder Posts Personal Updates About Ukraine Homeland at War

Olia Gavrysh, a program manager on the .NET team, is keeping her followers updated on the situation from her Twitter feed.

Microsoft Takes VS 2022 Embedded Tools (C++) to VS Code

Microsoft's C++ dev team announced that an Embedded Tools extension introduced to Visual Studio 2022 last year is now available for Visual Studio Code as a preview.

Microsoft Proposes Big JavaScript Change: 'We Do Expect Skepticism'

The company is supporting and collaborating on a proposal to bring optional and erasable type syntax to JavaScript, titled "ECMAScript proposal: Types as Comments."

Migrating VB6 Code to .NET 6? Here's a Tool

"This means VB.NET developers can keep using VB, and go to .NET, and get to .NET Core all at once."

Azure Sphere Back on Track, with Visual Studio 2022 Extension

After a previous version was canceled, Azure Sphere is back on track in version 22.02, which comes with a brand-new extension for Visual Studio 2022.

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