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Sun Launches Third Release of OpenSolaris

On the eve of its annual JavaOne Conference, Sun Microsystems unveiled a new version of the OpenSolaris operating system.

Clouds Cast Over Sun on Eve of JavaOne

This year's JavaOne represents a changing of the guard for Sun Microsystems, longtime conference sponsor and steward of the Java platform, which is set to be acquired by Oracle.

Microsoft Links CodePlex to Open Source Repositories

Deal with Black Duck Software will feed .NET code into KnowledgeBase and

Office XML Document Format Tools Released

Microsoft announced on Monday that new tools have been released to help further extend the compatibility and interoperability of OfficeOpen XML (OOXML) document formats used in Microsoft Office 2007.

Microsoft To Open Up .NET Micro Framework

Microsoft has restructured its .NET Micro Framework (MF) team and plans to eventually open up the .NET MF source code for community development.

SpringSource Acquires Hyperic

In a move that promises to extend the appeal of the Spring Framework to enterprise developers, SpringSource on Monday said it has acquired Hyperic Inc., a supplier of open source Web application and infrastructure management.

Will Palm Get Its 'Mojo' Back with webOS and Pre?

As smartphone developers await the release of devices based on Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5, tinker with the recently released Google Android SDK, and pine over the one billionth iPhone app downloaded, a grassroots movement by some influential developers is pushing the adoption of an alternative mobile platform.

Analysis: Oracle-Sun Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

In a move promises to have significant ramifications for customers, partners and competitors, Oracle last monday announced its pending acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

Start-Up Eucalyptus Debuts with Hybrid Cloud Services

A research project born at the University of California, Santa Barbara this week jumped into the field of start-ups looking to offer cloud-based computing with an offering that bridges datacenters with public cloud services.

IBM DB2 Will Target Oracle Database Developers

IBM this week announced a new version of its flagship DB2 database with software that will provide compatibility with applications built for Oracle databases.

MySQL Adds Scalability to Open Source Database

A day after Oracle announced plans to acquire Sun Microsystems for $7.4 billion, MySQL, one of Sun's own recent acquisitions, unveiled the next version of its popular open source database.

Oracle's Sun Acquisition Spells Uncertainty for Java, Database Developers

Oracle's agreement to acquire Sun will reshape the landscape of tools and platforms for Java and database developers, but it also means a change in emphasis -- or even the demise -- of some key tools, development platforms and databases.

Terracotta Bolsters Java In-Memory Caching Platform

Terracotta Inc. last week released a higher throughput version of its open source in-memory database caching platform.

Sun To Be Acquired by Oracle

Oracle today said it has agreed to acquire Sun Microsystems for $7.4 billion, or $5.6 billion net of cash and debt.

Numerous New Dev Tools at Web 2.0 Expo

The annual Web 2.0 Expo is considered a prominent showcase and launching ground for noteworthy next-generation applications, and last week's gathering in San Francisco was no exception.

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