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New Stats Find Dynamic Languages on the Rise by Open Source Developers

Survey shows increased use over past year of JavaScript and PHP and a decline in static languages such as C, C++ and Java.

VMware Reaches for the Clouds with Deal to Acquire SpringSource

The leading supplier of virtualization technology looks to extend its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) effort by adding the chief sponsor of the open source Spring Framework.

Forecast: Cost-Cutting Will Drive Open Source Growth

IDC report says expenditures by enterprises on open source software jumped 34 percent last year and spending in 2009 is on pace to increase at least another 24 percent.

Intuit Reaches Out To Open Source Community

Looking to expand the reach of its popular QuickBooks software, Inuit this week has launched an open source effort.

Open Source for America Kicks Off with Broad Support

Coalition of more than 50 companies, academic institutions and related groups formed around creating greater acceptance of open-source software in government information technology systems.

In Major Shift, Microsoft Contributes Code to Linux Community

Microsoft takes once unthinkable step of contributing 20,000 lines of source code of Hyper-V drivers under GPLv2.

Google To Release OS Aimed at Netbooks

Google is developing an operating system designed primarily for lightweight Web-based tasks, the company announced on Tuesday.

Microsoft Adds C#, CLI to Community Promise, Boosts Mono Project

To address licensing questions surrounding the Mono Project, Microsoft has agreed to apply its Community Promise to both C# and the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI).

Test-Driving MonoDevelop 2.0

Is the open source IDE for cross-platform .NET development a viable alternative to Visual Studio 2008?

Eclipse Galileo Marks Fourth Release Train

Representing a key milestone for Eclipse, the release is the largest yet, comprising 33 projects and more than 24 million lines of code.

HP and Red Hat Integrate SOA Tools

Move lets JBoss SOA customers gain governance, policy management and business technology optimization.

Fedora Project Releases Update To Linux Distribution

The Fedora Project, a community open source effort sponsored by Red Hat, released the its latest Linux distribution.

Microsoft Sets Stage for Netbook vs. Smartbook World

At the Computex event in Taiwan this week, Microsoft presented its vision of a mobile computing world that will include "consumer Internet devices" alongside netbooks.

Sun Launches Third Release of OpenSolaris

On the eve of its annual JavaOne Conference, Sun Microsystems unveiled a new version of the OpenSolaris operating system.

Oracle Chief Ellison Anointed 'Next Leader of Java Community'

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison made a surprise appearance at the annual JavaOne conference in San Francisco this morning.

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