SQL Server

Microsoft Ships Data API Builder for Azure SQL Databases

Microsoft today announced the general availability of the open source Data API builder (DAB), which provides REST and GraphQL endpoints for Azure databases, some three years in the making.

Data Virtualization in SQL Server 2022

PolyBase, a data virtualization feature for SQL Server, allows users to seamlessly query data from various external sources directly using T-SQL (Transact-SQL) without the need for separate client connection software.

My App Is Fully Concurrent and Async, but What About the Database?

You've carefully crafted a concurrent application taking advantage of all the latest and greatest language features. It scales magnificently and it's the jewel of the cloud. But what about the database? What happens when simultaneous queries are executed against the same data?

New Microsoft Sandbox Uses Natural Language LLMs for SQL Queries

The open source project lets developers and data pros to use its Semantic Kernel SDK to experiment and test the abilities of LLMs to generate SQL queries based on natural language expressions.

SQL Server 2022: Ledger, DDM and T-SQL Enhancements

While ledger is a game-changer for security, SQL Server 2022 also introduced new functionality around Dynamic Data Masking (DDM), T-SQL enhancements and more.

Even SQL Server Developer Tools Gets an AI Copilot

Microsoft, apparently trying to enhance every product it has with an AI-powered Copilot, announced a new one for the latest release of SQL Server Developer Tools (SSDT) in Visual Studio.

New for Devs in SQL Server 2022: Ledger for Blockchain-Backed Security

The new ledger feature in SQL Server 2022 provides blockchain-based security to ensure data isn't tampered with.

Why No Full SQL Server Reporting/Integration Services in Visual Studio 2022?

Visual Studio 2022 has been out for some eight months now, but it still lacks full support for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), a top feature request.

Microsoft Open Sources .NET 5 C# Language Extension for SQL Server

Microsoft has open sourced a .NET 5 C# Language Extension for SQL Server, allowing developers to work with relational data in the company's flagship programming language.

Converting JSON Objects to Relational Tables, Part 2: Creating Related Tables

SQL Server's OpenJson function will let you dismantle JSON structures into relational tables, including tables with foreign/primary key relationships.

Research Says SQL Server Faster on Azure than on AWS

Research firm GigaOm compared throughput performance between SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines and SQL Server on AWS EC2, finding the former enjoyed a definite speed edge.

Visual Studio Code SQL Server Tool Gets IntelliCode, Object Explorer

The mssql extension for Visual Studio Code, used to support SQL Server connections and T-SQL editing, has been updated with IntelliCode functionality and a new Object Explorer, among other new features.

In the Era of .NET Core, Microsoft Revamps SQL Server Data Access

Microsoft announced a new data access driver for SQL Server that should be the path forward for data developers in the era of .NET Core.

Azure Data Studio and VS Code Power Up PostgreSQL

With the March update of Azure Data Studio, Microsoft added preview support of the popular PostgreSQL database, along with a new PostgreSQL extension for the Visual Studio Code editor.

Enabling Enterprise AI for Everyone with SQL Server

Microsoft believes artificial intelligence is so powerful it should be "democratized" so organizations and developers of all types can use it to transform and improve their business practices.

What's New in Azure Data Studio (Formerly SQL Operations Studio)

The October release of Azure Data Studio includes preview support for SQL Server 2019 and more.

The Fastest Data Access Possible with Compiled Procs

If, in your "need for speed," you're looking to access and update your data as fast as possible, you can get to that goal by combining memory-optimized tables with compiled procs.

Speed Up Your Application with SQL Server In-Memory Tables

If screaming speed in data access is the most important thing in your life, SQL Server's durable in-memory, memory-optimized tables are your answer. They were good in SQL Server 2014 and they're even better in SQL Server 2016, 2017 and Azure.

When You're Your Own DBA: Speeding Up SQL Server

You're not a DBA but you're responsible for managing your organization's SQL Server installation. Here are some tips on what you can do to speed up all your data access.

Speeding Up Queries: How to Think About Query Plans

If you want to speed up your SQL Server queries you need to know how your application and your users actually use your database.

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