Wahlin on .NET

Using Silverlight's Grid Control

Grid control works a lot like the table tag -- only it's much more concise. Dan walks through one example.

Creating a Flyout StackPanel Using Silverlight Animations

A header menu that expands and contracts as users mouse over it can be easy to create. Dan shows you how.

Using the StackPanel Control

Dan walks through one of Silverlight's most flexible and easy to use layout controls.

Using Silverlight 2 Layout Controls

Dan walks through how to arrange Silverlight controls on an interface using Grid, Canvas and StackPanel.

Getting Started with Silverlight 2 Controls

Don't worry, ASP.NET developers: Siverlight 2 controls aren't so different from what you're used to, as Dan shows.

Creating Your First Silverlight 2 App

Dan shows you how to take advantage of Silverlight 2's set of tools for Visual Studio 2008 to build an application.

Silverlight XAML Primer 15: Enhancing TextBlock with Runs and LineBreaks

Here's how to extend TextBlock's usability using two Silverlight elements.

Silverlight XAML Primer 14: Using Color Animations

Dan shows you how to use Silverlight's color animation features and how you can stop and start them programmatically.

Silverlight XAML Primer 13: Starting and Stopping Animations

Controlling Storyboard animations programmatically lets animations play under a variety of circumstances.

Silverlight XAML Primer 12: Using Linear Keyframe Animations

Dan shows you how you can get more control over animations using keyframes in Silverlight apps.

Introducing Silverlight 2.0

Dan gives a rundown of the newest features and controls.

Silverlight XAML Primer 11: Getting Started with Animations

Dan walks you through using Silverlight to animate images and text, starting with Storyboard elements.

Silverlight XAML Primer 10: Creating a Silverlight Downloader Progress Bar

Jazz up your downloading process with this download bar in Silverlight.

Silverlight XAML Primer 9: Using the Silverlight Downloader Object

Minimize the time users wait and provide more efficient user interfaces with this code.

Silverlight XAML Primer 8: Working with XAML Events

Get started using Silverlight's rich media capabilities.

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