Wahlin on .NET

Silverlight XAML Primer 7: Embedding Media Into Silverlight

Dan walks you through your options.

Silverlight XAML Primer 6: Using Inline XAML with Silverlight

Dan shows you the code you need to embed XAML code directly into a page, plus the problems this might cause with Firefox and how to work around it.

Silverlight XAML Primer 5: Working with Radial Gradients

Dan walks you through working with the XAML RadialGradientBrush element in Silverlight.

Silverlight XAML Primer 4: Working with Linear Gradients

Apply gradients to graphics, menus and even text.

Silverlight XAML Primer 3: Working with Image Brushes

Dan shows you how to use Silverlight's brushes to create custom images.

Silverlight XAML Primer 2: Rectangles, Ellipses, Lines and Text

Create these elements in Silverlight using Canvas.

Silverlight XAML Primer 1: Exploring Canvases

Dan walks you through the role the Canvas element plays in XAML documents.

Understanding Silverlight's CreateObject and CreateObjectEx Methods

Dan walks you through the properties and sample code for each, plus why you might want to use one over the other.

Getting Started with Silverlight

Dan starts a new series of columns on Silverlight 1.0 by walking you through the fundamentals.

Using Microsoft's Silverlight Control in a Web Site

Dan Wahlin walks you through the steps and code for creating a Silverlight application from scratch.

Consuming Remote Web Services with ASP.NET AJAX

Notice that ScriptManager can't generate a client-side proxy object that can be used to call the remote service? Dan shows you the workaround.

Accessing User Profiles with ASP.NET AJAX

Using AJAX to personalize your Web sites.

Authenticating Users with ASP.NET AJAX

Dan walks you through configuring this method as well as walks you through all the parameters.

Creating and Consuming ASP.NET AJAX Page Methods

Using Page Methods when adding the ScriptService attribute is overkill for a single page -- find out how to add the functionality directly using AJAX.

Consuming Web Services with ASP.NET AJAX

Leverage .NET Web services using the ScriptServiceAttribute through the ScriptManager control.

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