Wahlin on .NET

Returning Complex Types from AJAX-Enabled Web Services

Dan Wahlin walks you through exactly how to return any object that contains sub-objects exposed through properties.

Return XML from AJAX-Enabled Web Services

Dan walks you through using the ScriptMethod Attribute.

Creating AJAX-Enabled Web Services

Your guide to handling XML parsing issues using JSON.

Introducing ASP.NET AJAX and Web Services

Find out how ASP.NET AJAX Extensions lets you use Web services to support JSON messaging.

Abort AJAX Requests

Add the PageRequestManager class's built-in abort capabilities to Web apps that allow users to make longer-running requests.

Coping With Click-Happy Users

The PageRequestManager client-side class provides a rich-event model to help you deal with impatient users.

Inform Users With Customized Visual Feedback

Add and customize visual cues on your AJAX-enabled Web pages with the UpdateProgress control and PageRequestManager class.

Implement UpdatePanel Properties

Control how partial-page updates are performed by defining the UpdatePanel control's ChildrenAsTriggers and UpdateMode properties.

Partial-Page Updates With the UpdatePanel

Add partial-page update capabilities to your ASP.NET Web pages.

It's All About the Scripts

Simplify your work with JavaScript files and add cross-browser, AJAX-capable scripts into Web pages.

Configure ASP.NET AJAX Extensions

Explore ASP.NET AJAX configuration sections in web.config, and learn how handlers and modules fit into the overall picture.

Getting Started With AJAX

Discover the concepts behind AJAX and why using it in your ASP.NET development is advantageous.

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