Initialize Objects Properly: Listing 1: C#, Display the Initialization Order

This code shows a marker class that displays a message when it's created, and a test class that creates an object of multiple types. The marker class helps keep track of when a field is initialized. The BaseTrackType creates a set of marker objects so that you can determine when an object is initialized.

public class Marker
   private readonly string objectName;

   public Marker(string label)
      objectName = label;
      Console.WriteLine("{0} was created", objectName);

public class BaseTrackType
   private static Marker staticInit = 
     new Marker("statically initialized");
   private static Marker staticInit2 =
     new Marker("statically2 initialized");

   private static Marker staticCtor;

   static BaseTrackType()
     staticCtor = 
       new Marker("Static Ctor initialized");

   private Marker fieldInit = 
     new Marker("field Initializer");
   private Marker fieldInit2 =
     new Marker("2nd field Initializer");

   private Marker ctorInit;

   public BaseTrackType()
     ctorInit = new Marker("Ctor Initialized");
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