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    What's New in TypeScript 3.3

    The answer to the headline above is basically "not much," as Microsoft describes the new v3.3 update as "a smaller release than usual." But don't worry: TypeScript error messages may be displayed in haiku form in later releases, per one proposal on the roadmap. 02/01/2019

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    Low-Code Windows Template Studio 3.0 Ships

    Microsoft shipped Windows Template Studio 3.0, a milestone update of the open source, wizard-driven Visual Studio 2017 extension for coding Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications. 01/31/2019

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    Second Previews Ship for .NET Core 3, ASP.NET Core 3

    Microsoft released the second preview of .NET Core 3, building upon the first beta that introduced support for Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) desktop projects. ASP.NET Core 3 Preview 2 also shipped for Web development (including with C# via Razor Components introduced in the Blazor effort). 01/30/2019

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    Project Rome for Android and iOS Cross-Device Experiences Hits v1.0

    Microsoft announced its Project Rome SDK for Android and iOS has hit version 1.0, providing cross-device and cross-platform experiences that can travel with the user in a variety of scenarios. 01/30/2019

  • C# Corner

    ASP.NET Core: Learning the Ropes, Part 3

    Eric Vogel uses code samples and screenshots to demonstrate how to create and use the views and controller for an ASP.NET MVC Core CRUD application. 01/29/2019

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    PowerShell Preview Extension Available for Visual Studio Code

    Microsoft's PowerShell team has published a preview extension in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace to evaluate new command-line scripting options within your favorite open source, cross-platform code editor. 01/29/2019

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    How .NET Core Tools Improved in Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2

    The Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2 announcement didn't say much about .NET Core -- the open source, cross-platform replacement for the ageing, Windows-only .NET Framework -- but there is some new .NET Core functionality for developers in the IDE. 01/28/2019

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    Visual Studio Code Gets HDInsight Tools for Big Data Analytics

    Microsoft announced HDInsight Tools for Visual Studio Code is now generally available, letting coders do Big Data analytics right from within the cross-platform, open source code editor. 01/25/2019

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    C# Makes GitHub's Top 5 Machine Learning Languages List

    Although Python is the widely recognized de facto, go-to programming language for machine learning and many other artificial intelligence projects, a new study shows C# is holding its own in the space. 01/25/2019

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    Visual Studio 2019 Gets Closer with Preview 2

    Visual Studio 2019 is expected to ship in the first half of this year, and it just took another step on that journey with the release of its second preview that improves just about every area of the IDE experience. 01/24/2019

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    Windows 10 Mobile Revival Effort Grows

    An effort among users beseeching Microsoft to rethink the impending end of Windows 10 Mobile seems to be picking up steam after the platform's latest death knell. 01/24/2019

  • Visual Studio Toolbox

    21 New Tools and Extensions for Visual Studio 2017

    From legacy xBase code to cutting-edge Quantum computing, these Visual Studio extensions will make you more productive. 01/23/2019

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    Microsoft Garage's XAML Studio Does Real-Time UWP UI Changes

    The Microsoft Garage initiative for experimental hacking projects championed by interns and staffers has come out with new tools including XAML Studio, used to smooth iterative development by quickly prototyping Universal Windows Project apps. 01/23/2019

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    Progress Previews Telerik UI for Blazor

    In response to developer requests, .NET-centric tooling specialist Progress is supporting Microsoft's experimental Blazor project for C# Web development in a major new release of its UI-focused components. 01/23/2019

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    Windows 10 Mobile Support Ends in December

    Microsoft confirmed the official demise of its mobile initiative will be Dec. 10, 2019, when support ends for Windows 10 Mobile, the failed challenger to iOS and Android. 01/22/2019

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