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    Microsoft Offers New Documentation for Blazor and gRPC in ASP.NET Core

    With .NET 5 release candidates on tap ahead of an official November GA debut, Microsoft has published new documentation for some of the hottest ASP.NET Core components, including Blazor and gRPC. 09/03/2020

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    Microsoft: 'We Are Finished with F# 5'

    While highlighting new development work on Microsoft's F# programming language alongside the latest .NET 5 preview, the company announced that, except for one minor enhancement, "we are finished with F# 5!" 09/03/2020

  • The Data Science Lab

    Data Prep for Machine Learning: Splitting

    Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research explains how to programmatically split a file of data into a training file and a test file, for use in a machine learning neural network for scenarios like predicting voting behavior from a file containing data about people such as sex, age, income and so on. 09/01/2020

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    Microsoft Survey: Developers Held Back by Lack of 'Native AOT' in .NET Core

    Lack of native ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation in .NET Core is a sore spot for Microsoft, which just published results of a survey indicating that this missing option is holding developers back from using the framework more. 08/31/2020

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    Firm Automates Converting Visual Basic Apps to .NET Core

    Mobilize.Net, an "automated modernization" specialist headed by a former Microsoft corporate VP, has upgraded its Visual Basic upgrade tool to target .NET Core, the open source, cross-platform successor of the Windows-only .NET Framework. 08/28/2020

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    Blazor WebAssembly Gets Lazy Loading

    Blazor enhancements show strongly in the list of ASP.NET Core updates included in this week's release of .NET 5 Preview 8, with lazy loading of assemblies for the client-side component heading the list of improvements to the open source framework that allows for web development in C# instead of JavaScript. 08/27/2020

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    .NET 5 Now 'Feature Complete' with Preview 8, Go Live Release Candidates Up Next

    The milestone .NET 5.0 release is now feature complete with the new Preview 8, Microsoft announced, with a couple of go-live release candidates on tap ahead of the official November ship date. 08/26/2020

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    Visual Studio 2019 v16.8 Preview 2 Hones Git Integration, Xamarin

    On the March to .NET 5 in November, Microsoft shipped the second preview of Visual Studio 2019 v16.8, boosting functionality surrounding Git, .NET productivity and Xamarin. 08/25/2020

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