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    New VS Code Tool Eases Writing Microsoft Documentation

    A couple years ago, Microsoft revamped its developer documentation experience, turning to an open model in which anyone could contribute to the docs.microsoft.com site. Now, a new Visual Studio Code extension has been published to make that easier. 04/10/2018

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    Visual Studio 2017 v15.7 Preview 3: Mobile Gets a Boost

    Microsoft yesterday cranked out the third preview of Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7 with the usual bevy of improvements, including several of special interest to mobile developers creating apps with Xamarin and other .NET tools. 04/10/2018

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    '90s-Era File Manager Open Sourced, Available as Visual Studio Solution

    Microsoft's Craig Wittenberg has revived the original File Manager that first came with Windows 3.0 in 1990, getting it to run on Windows 10 and making it available as a Visual Studio solution. 04/09/2018

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    What's New in Visual Studio Code 1.22 (March Release)

    Among the usual bevy of new features introduced on a monthly basis by the Visual Studio Code team is a new take on debugging breakpoints, called Logpoints. It comes in the March release, v1.22. 04/09/2018

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    GrapeCity Update Includes .NET Standard Template for Xamarin Mobile Development

    Visual Studio and .NET component specialist GrapeCity's latest update features better data visualization, new project templates -- including a new .NET Standard project for Xamarin mobile development -- and more. 04/06/2018

  • Visual Studio Toolbox

    Small Firm Offers Up Homegrown Tools for Creating Web Apps with C#, VB.NET

    Proving that Visual Studio tools can come from all manner of sources, a small dev firm in the Canary Islands is offering up its own homegrown toolset -- developed during the creation of an accounting program -- as a commercial product to let C# and VB.NET coders create Web apps without all that JavaScript and CSS stuff. 04/06/2018

  • Object Browser: The World's Worst-Named Tool

    Object Browser doesn't work with objects and doesn't just browse. In fact, it can simplify adding references to your projects when you don't know what class library you want. 04/05/2018

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    What's New in the Mobile-Centric Visual Studio App Center

    The latest updates to the Visual Studio App Center -- described as a "mission control" service for iOS and Android mobile apps -- includes error reporting for Xamarin-based apps, device-based management and more. 04/04/2018

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    SQL Operations Studio Adopts VS Code Extension Model

    The extension model introduced with Visual Studio Code and subsequently tracked by the Visual Studio IDE is proving so popular it has been applied to SQL Operations Studio, Microsoft's cross-platform, open source data management tool. 04/04/2018

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    Microsoft Offers AI Training to Public

    To address the confounding shortage of artificial intelligence skills, Microsoft yesterday announced a new online learning track as part of its Microsoft Professional Program, designed to train qualified individuals for specific job roles. 04/03/2018

  • Inheriting from Generics: Set the Datatype ... Or Not

    Generics not only let you create more flexible classes, they make inheritance more flexible, also. To pick the right inheritance mode when inheriting from a generic, though, you must know what you're trying to accomplish with your derived class. 04/02/2018

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    Visual Studio Code Adds C/C++ Functionality, Focusing on IntelliSense

    The Visual Studio Code team improved its C/C++ extension, still in preview, with a March update that focuses on improved IntelliSense for better auto-complete, easier configuration and more. 03/30/2018

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    Windows Devs Can Now Test Apps with 'Private Audiences'

    Microsoft this week announced a private audience capability that lets developers target only specific people to try out their Windows Store apps and games before they go mainstream. 03/30/2018

  • Cross-Platform C#

    Sound-Effect Audio with Xamarin.Forms

    Wally builds an app prototype and in response to user feedback investigates how to play audio sound effects in response to events such as a button press. 03/29/2018

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    Popular Python Extension for the Visual Studio Code Editor Boosts Debugging

    The Python extension for the open source Visual Studio Code editor -- the most popular offering available in the marketplace -- has been updated with improved debugging functionality. 03/29/2018

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