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Setting Up for jQuery Templates

Peter Vogel prepares to try out the new jQuery templating/databinding functionality to create a simple AJAX-enabled page that allows the user to select a customer and retrieve from a Web service all the orders associated with that customer.

BigInteger for Astronomically Large Numbers

On VB columnist Joe Kunk explores the new BigInteger structure in .NET 4 and how it lets you work with astronomically large numbers.

Using MEF to Expose Interfaces in Your Silverlight MVVM Apps

Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) lets you expose interfaces and classes in your Silverlight apps without having to expose the real implementation. See how it works.

Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and the Multi-Touch Thumb

For many Silverlight programmers, the most exciting news about Windows Phone 7 is its support for Silverlight as one of its two programming interfaces (the other is XNA).

Integrating AJAX and a Client-Side Grid in ASP.NET MVC

Peter completes his series on integrating AJAX and a client-side control by implementing it in ASP.NET MVC. And he draws some conclusions on client-side development in ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and in the world at large.

Multithreading in WinForms

The .NET Framework has full support for running multiple threads at once. In this article, Patrick Steele looks at how threads accomplish their task and why you need to be careful how you manage a WinForms application with multiple threads.

JavaScript Controls with WCF and ASP.NET

Peter moves ahead with integrating a sophisticated client-side JavaScript control but this time, he's using WCF to implement his Web services. Along the way, though, he gets ASMX services to work.

Working With a Client-Side AJAX Control

If you're going to work with AJAX you should be, at least, considering using "pure" client-side code to create your UI. Peter looks at a popular (and free) JavaScript grid.

Using Memory-Mapped Files in the .NET Framework 4

Find out how to use memory-mapped files to index and search the contents of document collections.

Visual Studio 2010 Tips: How to Use jQuery UI Controls in ASP.NET MVC 2

Dive a little deeper into how the jQuery script works and learn how to use the DatePicker control with ASP.NET MVC templates.

Fixing Bad Code from a Contractor

Brandon hired a software development contractor to create a Web portal using ASP.NET to complete a custom software solution for one of his company's Software as a Service customers.

Extending Enum

The Enum or enumeration is one of the fundamental constructs in the .NET Framework, serving as an easy-to-remember set of names for a series of fixed values that are logically related. It turns out that there is a surprising amount to know about the Enum construct.

How to Validate Forms with ASP.NET MVC 2 Data Annotations

Simplify the task of validating Web form input by using attributes. If standard validators don't meet your needs, you can create custom data annotations for richer validations.

Visual Studio Debug Tips (Part 2): Beat the No Repro Problem

In the second installment of her series of tips and strategies for debugging code in Visual Studio, Kathleen Dollard looks into valuable resources like the TraceSource class.

Working with Windows 7 Thumbnails

In the second of two Windows 7-themed columns, Patrick Steele looks at how to get the most out of thumbnails with the Windows API CodePack.

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