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    Next Up for WinForms in .NET 6 Is High DPI Support

    While Microsoft and community developers have improved desktop dev tooling in .NET 5 and new open source implementations, the tech hasn't translated easily from the Windows-only .NET Framework, and catch-up efforts planned for next year's .NET 6 include high DPI support for one troublesome project, Windows Forms. 12/11/2020

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    No. 1 Visual Studio IDE Feature Request: Linux

    In the "IDE" section of the "Visual Studio" section of Microsoft's Developer Community site, the No. 1 feature request -- as measured by community votes -- is "Visual Studio for Linux." 12/09/2020

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    What's New for C++, .NET and More in Visual Studio 2019 v16.9 Preview 2

    Microsoft shipped Visual Studio 2019 v16.9 Preview 2 while issuing New Year wishes toward the end of "this unpredictable year" that saw the milestone .NET 5 arrive incomplete from the original vision because of tricky problems and pandemic-caused delays but nevertheless saw Visual Studio versions churned out at a steady pace. 12/09/2020

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    VS Code C++ Tool Broadens ARM/ARM64 Reach

    The November monthly update to the Visual Studio C++ extension continues Microsoft's embrace of ARM and ARM64 architectures, used in CPUs for mobile devices because of power efficiency and other characteristics. 12/08/2020

  • Multi-Class Classification Using PyTorch: Preparing Data

    Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research kicks off a four-part series on multi-class classification, designed to predict a value that can be one of three or more possible discrete values. 12/04/2020

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    Microsoft Updates Azure Mobile Apps, Ponders Future

    Microsoft announced several updates to its Azure Mobile Apps service and is conducting a survey to solicit feedback on its future as an evolving concern. 12/04/2020

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    TypeScript Surges in GitHub Octoverse 2020 Report

    TypeScript popularity surged in GitHub's annual Octoverse report, one of the most comprehensive developer-oriented studies in the industry, focusing on the open source dev space. 12/03/2020

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    Move Over, Stack Overflow: Microsoft Launches Q&A for .NET

    Stack Overflow probably isn't worried, but Microsoft has launched its own Q&A site for all things .NET, seeking to provide a one-stop-shop for getting .NET technical questions answered by the community. 12/02/2020

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    Developer Decries WinForms-to-Blazor Performance Degradation

    Since shipping .NET 5, Visual Studio 2019 v16.8 and more goodies recently, Microsoft has been touting speed improvements in many components -- including the red-hot Blazor project -- but some real-world developers are finding different results. 12/01/2020

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    Google Cloud Functions Supports .NET Core 3.1 (but not .NET 5)

    Google Cloud Functions -- often used for serverless, event-driven projects -- now supports .NET, but the new support is a release behind Microsoft's latest .NET offering. 11/30/2020

  • Binary Classification Using PyTorch: Model Accuracy

    In the final article of a four-part series on binary classification using PyTorch, Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research shows how to evaluate the accuracy of a trained model, save a model to file, and use a model to make predictions. 11/24/2020

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    Visual Basic in .NET 5: Ready for WinForms Apps

    With the milestone .NET 5 and Visual Studio 2019 v16.8 releases now out, Microsoft is reminding Visual Basic coders that their favorite programming language enjoys full support and the troublesome Windows Forms Designer is even complete -- almost. 11/23/2020

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    In New Releases, Microsoft Lauds .NET Productivity, Visual Studio 2019 Speed

    Microsoft is continuing to crow about .NET productivity and speed gains in Visual Studio 2019 following last week's mass shipments of .NET 5, Visual Studio 2019 v16.8 and more. 11/20/2020

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    After Hiring Creator of Python VS Code Tool, Microsoft Hires Creator of Python

    Microsoft is pursuing its prominent Python push in a big way, hiring the creator of the popular programming language, Guido van Rossum. 11/19/2020

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    Microsoft Turns Teams Collaboration Software into Low-Code Dev Tool

    Microsoft announced a host of app development capabilities for Teams, which is fighting with competitors such as Zoom in the exploding meeting/collaboration space as the COVID-19 pandemic forces organizations to keep workers home. 11/18/2020

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    ARM64 Support, Hot Reload Featured in WinUI Preview 3

    Microsoft released preview 3 of WinUI 3, the latest iteration of the company's native UI platform, which features support for ARM64, a live visual tree, hot reload and much more. 11/18/2020

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    GrapeCity Updates Controls for .NET 5

    GrapeCity updated its suite of controls for .NET development to support the new .NET 5 milestone release that seeks to unify all of the disparate .NET offerings under one umbrella framework. 11/18/2020

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    4 Experts List Favorite New EF Core 5.0 Features

    Experts in the open source community surrounding Microsoft's recent EF Core 5.0 release have weighed in with their favorite new features in the object-database mapper for .NET. 11/17/2020

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