Inside VSTS

Inside TFS: Improving Project Management

An Overview of Project Management with Team Foundation Server 2010.

Inside TFS: Streamlining Development

Jeff Levinson looks at how Team Foundation Server 2010 can streamline and improve the management of software projects.

Inside Team Foundation Server Power Tools Part 2

Mickey Gousset covers more utilities included in the Team Foundation Server Power Tools April 2010 Edition.

Inside the Team Foundation Server Power Tools

Mickey Gousset offers a tour of the April 2010 edition of Power Tools utilities that are available for free download for Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010.

TFS 2010 and the SQL Server Analysis Services Cube

Jeff Levinson offers a tour of the new reporting cube functionality in Team Foundation Server 2010.

Upgrading to Team Foundation Server 2010

Mickey explores what's involved in upgrading to Team Foundation Server 2010.

Static Code Analysis Configuration

Mickey Gousset shows you the different static code analysis configuration options in Visual Studio 2010.

Agile Project Management for Everybody

For teams using an agile software development methodology, Team Foundation Server 2010 offers new tools to help you easily visualize the backlog, the workload per iteration and the workload per developer. Jeff Levinson shows how TFS 2010 can help guide agile development.

Static Code Analysis in VS2010

Just because your code compiles when you press F5 in VS2010 doesn't mean it's error free. Use the static code analysis features of VS2010 to analyze managed assemblies.

Visual Studio's Lab Management Testing Virtualization Platform

Jeff Levinson explores the new Lab Management platform for testing virtualization, which is included in Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.

Exploring Directed Graph Markup Language in VS2010

VS2010 Architecture Explorer Edition includes DGML, a powerful, yet easy to use, tool for visualizing almost anything.

Visual Studio 2010: Introduction To The New Architecture Tools

Mickey provides an introduction to the new architecture tools in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.

Fix Bugs Fast with IntelliTrace and VS 2010

One of the major new features in VS 2010 is IntelliTrace, formerly known as the Historical Debugger. Does it lives up to the hype?

VSTS 2008 Web Testing Part 3: Validation Rules

Mickey wraps up his series on Web Testing with a look at validating Web tests.

VSTS 2008 Web Testing: Running a Web Test (Part 2 of 3)

In the second column of a series, Mickey shows you how to run a Web test using Visual Studio Team System 2008.

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