Letters to the Editor

Reader Feedback: Dev Disasters, Extend Classes

We rounded up readers' development misadventures for the December 2012 cover story, "Dev Disasters -- Why They Happen, How to Overcome Them".

Reader Feedback: The C# Priority Queue

Readers share opinions about Priority Queues and the Surface tablet.

Reader Feedback: Design a Path to Better UX

Readers had mixed reactions to "Good UI Design Is No Longer Optional."

Reader Feedback: Visual Studio 2012 Arrives

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2012 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 during the final month of the summer, providing developers with the next wave of tools designed for building Windows 8 applications.

Readers React: Agile Development, Design with Mono for Android

In a recent blog post, "Is Agile Really a 'Developer Rebellion Against Unwanted Tasks'?", Data Driver blogger David Ramel wrote about the mixed reaction from developers to his article about a controversial report on Agile software development from analyst firm Voke Inc.

Readers Respond: Write Android Apps in C#, Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

A skunkworks project by Xamarin, the developers of Mono for Android and Mono Touch, machine-translated millions of lines of Java in Android to C#.

Windows Phone Moves to the Front of the Store

During a trip to a local retailer, VSM Editor in Chief Keith Ward noticed dramatic improvements in Windows Phone merchandising and the salesperson's knowledge of the latest devices.

Reader Feedback: Flash of Uninitialized JavaScript UI

Visual Studio Magazine Tools Editor Peter Vogel wanted to avoid the raw, uninitialized HTML/HTML5 that users sometimes see in their browsers before JavaScript properly arranges things.

Reader Feedback: Inside Visual Studio 11, MIX Nixed, More

Our March 2012 cover story, "More Power," offered a tour of the productivity tools in Visual Studio 11 (still a code name) just in time for the release of the beta previews. Readers share their initial reactions to the updated beta tooling.

Readers React: Silverlight's Future

Readers react to a column discussing the future of Silverlight.

Reader Feedback: Developer Salary Survey

Our first-ever salary survey indicated that .NET developers on average were still getting salary increases despite a tough economy.

Reader Feedback: HTML5, Windows 8 and Silverlight

Readers discuss the December Papa's Perspective column and Andrew Brust's take on the ways Windows 8 will affect Silverlight.

Reader Letters: Reacting to Windows 8 Developments

Andrew Brust's November Redmond Review column, "Windows 8: Times Are Changing for Developers," got reactions from readers, many of whom are still troubled about what lies ahead.

Letters From Readers: Will Windows 8 Tablets Succeed?

The October cover story on the unveiling of Windows 8 featured comments about the viability of Microsoft tablets in the market. They provoked a strong response.

HTML5 Rages On

Visual Studio readers sound off on HTML5; some love it, others, well...

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