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Top 10 AI 'Copilot' Tools for Visual Studio Code

With Microsoft's "copilot" AI assistants springing up everywhere, here are the 10 most popular VS Code tools that mention or are tagged with the term.

Top 10 AI Extensions for Visual Studio Code

With new generative AI tools shaking up the software development space, there are now more than 400 AI-infused extensions in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

VS Toolbox: MAUI App Accelerator to Jump-Start .NET MAUI Scaffolding

Upon wizard completion, the tool wires everything up, basically abstracting the coding drudgery of manually grabbing NuGet packages and implementing Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control, constructor injections and so on.

Top Free Extensions for Visual Studio 2022

With Visual Studio 2022 having debuted just one month ago, there are now dozens of new extensions available specifically targeting the revolutionary 64-bit IDE.

Top 10 Free New Testing Tools for Visual Studio 2019

Testing can be problematic for devs who just want to code and leave the testing to specialists, but many have to DIY. These tools help with that.

Firm Automates Converting Visual Basic Apps to .NET Core

Mobilize.Net, an "automated modernization" specialist headed by a former Microsoft corporate VP, has upgraded its Visual Basic upgrade tool to target .NET Core, the open source, cross-platform successor of the Windows-only .NET Framework.

GitLab Takes Over VS Code Extension, Plans Improvements

DevOps specialist GitLab has officially taken over the control of a GitLab extension for Microsoft's open source, cross-platform Visual Studio Code editor.

Mads Kristensen Unveils 'The Essentials' Visual Studio Extension Pack for All Devs

Visual Studio senior program manager Mads Kristensen has created a new extension pack for the IDE to ease the acquisition of the basic tools that would benefit all developers.

Top 3 Blazor Extensions for Visual Studio Code

Some developers prefer to create applications with Microsoft's open-source Blazor tooling from within the open-source, cross-platform Visual Studio Code editor. Here are the top tools in the VS Code Marketplace for those folk, as measured by the number of installations.

Lose Your Business App? VS Code to the Rescue!

I found a new use for Visual Studio Code, the little code editor that could: substituting for a vital work app when your PC dies and a replacement won't be shipped to your remote office for weeks.

Freeway Over Ocean Graphic

Didact Project Walks Through Tutorials in Visual Studio Code

A Red Hat developer has created the Didact project, a Visual Studio Code extension that puts the code editor to work as a tutorial guide and also showcases other things it can do via a combination of technologies.

Visual Studio 2019 Productivity Cheat Sheet

Several new time-saving keystroke combinations were recently detailed by Kendra Havens, program manager for .NET and Visual Studio, in a Channel 9 video presentation. Here's a roundup of the new stuff, along with old favorites, and a list of other productivity resources.

10 Top Blazor Tools Just a NuGet Away

The hottest NuGet extensions for the hottest ASP.NET Core project.

5 Top, No-Cost .NET Core Extensions for Visual Studio 2019

Here are some of the top, free .NET Core-related extensions that target Visual Studio 2019.

21 New Tools and Extensions for Visual Studio 2017

From legacy xBase code to cutting-edge Quantum computing, these Visual Studio extensions will make you more productive.

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