• The Data Science Lab

    Data Clustering with K-Means Using Python

    Our Data Science Lab guru explains how to implement the k-means technique for data clustering, or cluster analysis, which is the process of grouping data items so that similar items belong to the same group/cluster. 03/27/2018

  • News

    Visual Studio IDE Tracks VS Code Extension Model

    Microsoft's flagship Visual Studio IDE is continuing to track the extension model introduced with the company's open source Visual Studio Code editor, most recently adding support for debug adapters. 03/27/2018

  • News

    Visual Studio Team Services Gets Multi-Machine Deployment

    Multi-machine deployment with Visual Studio Team Services via deployment groups is now out of preview and generally available. 03/27/2018

  • News

    What's New in Azure Data Development

    Data developers using Microsoft's Azure cloud have several new offerings to work with as database services for MySQL and PostgreSQL, along with Azure Databricks, are now generally available. 03/26/2018

  • News

    'Death to JavaScript!' Blazor, for .NET Web Apps Using WebAssembly, Goes Alpha

    Blazor, an experimental technology that some believe will save .NET Web coders from "the insanity of JavaScript," has been released by Microsoft in its first public preview. 03/23/2018

  • Practical .NET

    High Performance Object-Oriented Data Access with Dapper

    Entity Framework is fabulous ... but it does impose some overhead. If you like working with data in an O-O kind of way but feel the "need for speed," then you should be looking at Dapper. 03/22/2018

  • News

    Visual Studio for Mac Now Fully Supports Xamarin.Forms Development with .NET Standard

    It's goodbye to Portable Class Library projects and hello to .NET Standard Library projects for Xamarin.Forms development in the new Visual Studio for Mac version 7.5 Preview 1. 03/21/2018

  • News

    What's New in Visual Studio 2017 v15.7 Previews

    Announced barely a week after the official release of v15.6, the first preview of v15.7 includes productivity enhancements, better diagnostics, more C++ development improvements, better management of Android and iOS environments and more. 03/20/2018

  • News

    VS Code Adds JUnit 5 Testing Support, More Java Functionality

    Visual Studio Code developers have asked for support for more test frameworks and Microsoft said it has responded in kind, announcing initial support for JUnit 5 this week, along with other Java-related features. 03/20/2018

  • Collecting Collections: The Lookup Collection

    Sometimes you need a "collection of collections." Don't write ugly code to do that -- the Lookup object will create that collection for you in a heartbeat. 03/19/2018

  • News

    .NET Continues Its Broad Reach

    Right now is best time to be a .NET developer, said Microsoft's James Montemagno in a Visual Studio Live! keynote address. "It enables us to develop code on any OS we want, it has great tools for Visual Studio, it works with amazing languages, and there's a beautiful community of developers creating awesome libraries." 03/16/2018

  • News

    Visual Studio Live! Keynote: Go with the Creative Flow

    "In this ever changing and evolving world of technology, we have to be innovating to stay ahead," said Microsoft's Kasey Uhlenhuth in her keynote address at Visual Studio Live! in Las Vegas. 03/16/2018

  • News

    What's New in TypeScript 2.8 RC

    Microsoft is seeking developer feedback for the new TypeScript 2.8 release candidate, featuring new conditional types and more. 03/16/2018

  • Finding What's Changed in Your Code

    If your source control system won't tell you what's changed, Visual Studio is glad to help. It's just that the option is hard to get to. 03/15/2018

  • News

    VB 6 Tops Stack Overflow's 'Most Dreaded' Programming Language List ... Again

    Although Microsoft programming languages fared quite well in Stack Overflow's huge new developer survey, Visual Basic 6 was again named the "most dreaded" language -- just like last year, and the year before -- with VB.NET and VBA not far behind. 03/13/2018

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