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    Unity Replaces Mono-Based IDE with Visual Studio

    The popular Unity game development platform has dropped its default Mono-based IDE in favor of Visual Studio products in order to leverage new C# and scripting features. 01/10/2018

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    Microsoft AI-Based Bots Tools Now Generally Available

    Microsoft, one of the tech giants attempting to take artificial intelligence-based development mainstream, has made two tools crucial to this effort generally available to developers interested in programming bots and using natural language interfaces. 01/09/2018

  • The Data Science Lab

    Logistic Regression Using Python

    The data doctor continues his exploration of Python-based machine learning techniques, explaining binary classification using logistic regression, which he likes for its simplicity. 01/08/2018

  • News

    VS Code Tool Integrates with Azure Data Lake for Big Data Analytics

    Microsoft updated its Visual Studio Code extension for working with the Azure Data Lake for Big Data analytics in the cloud, furthering integration of the extension's data exploration tool among other new features and improvements. 01/08/2018

  • Check That Your Config Files Are Transformed Correctly

    The ability for Visual Studio to automatically transform your development Web.config file into a production version is certainly convenient ... but only if the transformation is done right. Here's how to check that your config file is being transformed correctly. 01/05/2018

  • Quick Tip: Debugging with Multiple Browsers

    You don't have to check your site in just one browser at a time. 01/04/2018

  • Practical TypeScript

    Simple Asynchronous Processing for Web Service Calls

    You don't need to write ugly code to synchronize your AJAX calls. Instead, you can leverage await/async and the JQueryXHR object to simplify the code around your AJAX calls while still getting the benefits of concurrent processing. 01/03/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Architecting Services with Design Patterns

    As the number of your services expands you're going to need to start thinking about how to organize them. Applying these two design patterns can help, provided you understand all their variations. 01/02/2018

  • Notes from Visual Studio Live! No Typical Developer

    What I learned: There's no typical developer, they face tough resource constraints, cutting-edge tech is not of the most interest to many dealing with real-world legacy concerns, and foresighted companies are making investments for the future even with the tight budgets. 12/22/2017

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    Microsoft's Adam Tuliper Explains Tuples in C# 7.0

    At a recent Visual Studio Live! conference, the principal software engineer demonstrated the ins and outs of the new System.TupleValue functionality coming with C# 7.0, along with other new features such as pattern matching, local functions, "out" variables, throw expressions, generalized async return types and many more. 12/18/2017

  • Code Focused

    Replace a Running Application with a New Version

    One situation that can prevent a successful file transfer is when the destination file is, in fact, the program that's doing the copying. Here's how to work around such problems. 12/15/2017

  • Practical .NET

    Managing Temporal Data in SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database

    SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database both give you tables that automatically keep track of the history of your data. Here's how to retrieve that historical data. 12/14/2017

  • News

    Microsoft Touts New VS Code Extension for IoT Development

    Microsoft this week published hands-on guidance for using its new Azure IoT Edge service, just launched as an extension for the Visual Studio Code editor in a public preview program. 12/14/2017

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    Microsoft Ships Windows Template Studio 1.5

    The Visual Studio extension lets developers more easily develop UWP apps by providing built-in project types, a choice of app frameworks and different app pages that can sport various Windows 10 features. 12/13/2017

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    Application Architecture Guide Published for Microsoft Azure Cloud

    Microsoft has published an Azure Application Architecture Guide to help cloud developers keep pace with new styles, approaches and industry trends while planning their projects. 12/13/2017

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