• How to Create New Code Snippets from Existing Ones in Visual Studio

    If there's a code snippet that you're using that you constantly have to modify then here's some code news: You can create, from the existing snippet, a new snippet with your changes (and leave the existing snippet in place). 10/10/2019

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    Q&A with Alex Thissen: Developing .NET Solutions in Docker Ecosystem

    Expert Alex Thissen shares his thoughts on what excites him most about the .NET/Docker marriage, top tips, "gotchas" to look out for and more. 10/09/2019

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    Blue Sky with Clouds Graphic

    Azure Spring Cloud Debuts for Managed Java-Based Microservices

    Seeking to ease the development of Spring-based microservices written in Java on the Azure cloud, Microsoft and Pivotal announced a private preview of a fully managed service called Azure Spring Cloud. 10/09/2019

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    Visual Studio Code 1.39 Boosts Remote Development Preview

    The "September" update to the cross-platform, open-source Visual Studio Code Editor, now up to version 1.39, adds functionality to the remote development preview that has been in the works for a while now. 10/09/2019

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    Vendor Adds Blazor, .NET Core 3.0 Third-Party Tooling

    With the recent release of .NET Core 3.0 and the continued interest in the red-hot Blazor project for doing Web development with C#, third-party vendors are cranking out related tooling. 10/08/2019

  • Practical ASP.NET

    Defining Your First gRPC Service in an ASP.NET Core 3.0 Project

    gRPC services promise a lot: better performance, more sophisticated messaging, and a contract-based approach to Web Service development. If those sound good to you, here's how to get started. 10/04/2019

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    Visual Studio for Mac Dev Team Explains Editor Revamp Prompted by Complaints

    After many developer complaints such as "Editor becomes so slow it's unusable after a while," the Visual Studio for Mac dev team revamped all of the IDE's editors and this week explained those changes. 10/04/2019

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    Q&A with Jeremy Clark: Using the CLI in .NET Core

    ".NET Core is the future of .NET. So let's get comfortable with creating, running, and testing applications using the command-line interface," says developer educator Jeremy Clark, who shares his favorite .NET Core features, quirks to watch out for and more. 10/03/2019

  • The Practical Client

    Two 'Gotchas' (and Fixes) for Blazor in .NET Core 3.0

    The release version of Blazor contains two surprising changes (surprising, at least, to Peter) -- changes that broke some of his code. Here are both of those "gotchas" with the workarounds that he implemented. 10/02/2019

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    TypeScript 3.7 Beta Is 'Feature-Complete'

    TypeScript 3.7, with a new Beta, is now feature complete, with the dev team polishing it up in advance of the official release coming early next month. 10/02/2019

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    Microsoft Preview of .NET Core WinForms Designer Is 'Huge Technical Challenge'

    Microsoft introduced the first preview of the .NET Core Windows Forms Designer, which didn't make it into the recent .NET Core 3.0 release because of the "huge technical challenge" in porting the Windows-only desktop technology to the new cross-platform framework. 10/01/2019

  • The Data Science Lab
    City Lights Illustration

    Getting Started with AutoML for ML.NET

    Dr. James McCaffrey provides hands-on examples in introducing ML.NET, for machine learning prediction models, and AutoML, which automatically examines different ML algorithms, finds the best one, and creates a Visual Studio project with the C# code backing the best model, along with C# code that shows how to use the trained model to make a prediction. 09/30/2019

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