• Mobile Corner

    Building UWP Apps Using Xamarin.Forms

    One of the hardest challenges of mobile development is how to minimize the cost of building the same application for multiple platforms. Nick shows how to use Xamarin.Forms to develop a cross-platform application that also targets the Universal Windows Platform. 02/03/2016

  • News

    Syncfusion Big Data Platform Now Available

    The Windows-based Big Data tools and frameworks suite adds support for Apache Spark, Apache HBase and Scientific Python. 02/03/2016

  • The Data Science Lab

    Fundamentals of T-Test Using R

    Linear regression was easy, right? Now, let's check out t-test analysis using R. 02/02/2016

  • Practical .NET

    Simplify Your Applications with Asynchronous Processes

    With the right tools, creating an asynchronous application can give you not only a more responsive application that makes better use of your multi-core computer, it can also make your application simpler. Really, asynchronous applications should be your default choice. 02/01/2016

  • News

    Working with TypeScript 1.7? Check out the 1.8 Beta, Out Now

    TypeScript 1.7 has been out a month, but there's already a TypeScript 1.8 in beta and it features compilation improvements, expanded JSX support, plus ChakraCore support. 01/29/2016

  • Ensure HTML Forms Are Closed with the Using Block and BeginForm

    If you're going to use the BeginForm HtmlHelper then you might as well get it to do the complete job. 01/28/2016

  • News

    Update: Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova Update 5 Works with Visual Studio Code

    Some incremental changes, such as environment switching and improved iOS support, come to TACO, and the group adds a TACO blog for regular tips and tricks. Update now allows for using TACO with Visual Studio Code. 01/28/2016

  • News

    UI, Performance Tweaked in Azure SDK 2.8.2 for Visual Studio 2015

    Lots of user feedback-related improvements will make this incremental release easier for developers who want to make the cloud connection. 01/28/2016

  • Practical TypeScript

    Exploiting TypeScript Arrays

    TypeScript doesn't have the rich set of native collection classes that you're used to in the .NET Framework -- instead, it has just arrays and tuples. Fortunately, you can do quite a lot with them. 01/27/2016

  • News

    Coming Soon: Node.js Support in ChakraCore

    The goal is to eventually get developers to start working more diligently on apps aimed at the Windows 10 IoT Core platform by way of Node.js. That's where Node.js Tools for Windows IoT 1.5 comes in. 01/26/2016

  • News

    Beta: Apache Cordova Plugin for Azure Mobile App Data Access

    Use Node.js or .NET to write data-accessible apps that target Azure Mobile App on the back end with this new plugin. 01/25/2016

  • Practical .NET

    Handling Lists of Selectable Items in ASP.NET MVC

    You want to give the user the ability to select one (or more) items from a table. It's not as easy in ASP.NET MVC as you might like... but it's not awful, either. 01/22/2016

  • Hiding Methods from IntelliSense

    This might sound like the stupidest tip in the world … but hear it out. There are actually cases where you don't want your methods to appear in your class's IntelliSense list. Well, OK: one case. 01/21/2016

  • Practical .NET

    Job Opportunities for Developers

    If you have software development skills then there are actually a wide range of positions you can reasonably expect to migrate to (assuming you want one of those jobs). Here are some useful numbers on average salaries and job openings on which to base your decision. 01/20/2016

  • News

    ASP.NET's New Versioning Gets To the Core of the Matter

    ASP.NET 5.0 is no more, at least by name -- it's now ASP.NET Core 1.0. Newer versions of .NET Core 5 and Entity Framework 7 will also follow suit. 01/20/2016

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