• Practical TypeScript

    Managing Functions in TypeScript

    Functions in TypeScript aren't handled the way you'd expect, based on any other language (including JavaScript). Fortunately, because of the way TypeScript handles functions, you're protected from a common JavaScript error (in addition to getting better IntelliSense support and compile-time checking, of course). 09/25/2015

  • Creating Your Own ASP.NET MVC Authorization Attribute

    Sometimes security gets a little bizarre. When that happens, you can create your own authorization attribute. 09/24/2015

  • News

    Azure Mobile Apps Backs Up to Azure Table Storage

    A September update to the .NET Server SDK include automated OWIN setup and improved middleware authentication processes. 09/24/2015

  • Mobile Corner

    It's Universal: Understanding the Lifecycle of a Windows 10 Application

    Nick Randolph pulls apart the lifecycle of a Windows 10 application and reveals what goes on programmatically when users launch, switch between and close Windows 10 apps. 09/23/2015

  • News

    Developer Tools for Office 2016

    A number of developer tools have been in the works and released in recent weeks leading up to the release of Office 2016 today. 09/22/2015

  • Practical .NET

    Building a Better MVC Helper

    Readers suggest ways to build a powerful HtmlHelper that simplifies creating typical application Views. Along the way, Peter uses a workaround for extending an anonymous object with additional properties and shows how to extract values from a lambda expression in a View. 09/22/2015

  • Multiple Solution Explorers

    If you've got many, many projects in a solution but are only working with one or two of them, you can simplify the view that Solution Explorer gives you. 09/21/2015

  • News

    Visual Studio Code Preview 0.8.0 Improves on Debugging

    Preview version 0.8.0 adds TypeScript 1.6 support, improved debugging features, themes, and takes care of Windows setup bugaboos that have plagued some VSC users. 09/18/2015

  • News

    Unity 5.2 Uses Visual Studio 2015 as Default IDE

    The game development platform has native integration with Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition, which allows option to install it as the default IDE. 09/17/2015

  • Cross-Platform C#

    Native Services with Xamarin.Forms? It's DependencyService to the Rescue

    Sometimes you need to make platform-specific calls. That's where DependencyService comes in handy. 09/16/2015

  • News

    React and TypeScript Get Cozy

    TypeScript 1.6 update adds support for React and JSX, which allows developers to use JSX syntax and TypeScript code interchangeably. 09/16/2015

  • Practical .NET

    Strategies for Isolating Applications

    If you're not careful, you'll replace your huge, lumbering unmaintainable enterprise applications with a web of applications that can't be changed without blowing each other up. But if you apply the same tools you use inside your applications to your application architecture, you can avoid that. 09/15/2015

  • Convincing Razor to Recognize All of Your Expression

    Razor works like magic but, every once in a while, it gives up recognizing your code too early. Here's how to ensure that Razor sees all of your expression. 09/14/2015

  • The Power of Command Pattern with SharePoint

    Command pattern helps to encapsulate a request as an object and lets you parameterize clients with queues, all while supporting undoable operations. I'll explain how to use command pattern using an example in which we create a list in SharePoint with Visual Studio. 09/11/2015

  • Neural Network Lab

    How To Reuse Neural Network Models

    Neural network models can be created, saved and reused. Here's how. 09/10/2015

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