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    ML.NET Improves Object Detection

    Microsoft improved the object detection capabilities of its ML.NET machine learning framework for .NET developers, adding the ability to train custom models with Model Builder in Visual Studio. 09/28/2020

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    More Improvements for VS Code's New Python Language Server

    Microsoft announced more improvements for the new Python language server for Visual Studio Code, Pylance, specializing in rich type information. 09/28/2020

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    Death of the Dev Machine?

    Here's a takeaway from this week's Ignite 2020 event: An advanced Azure cloud portends the death of the traditional, high-powered dev machine packed with computing, memory and storage components. 09/25/2020

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    COVID-19 Is Ignite 2020's Elephant in the Room: 'Frankly, It Sucks'

    As in all things of our new reality, there was no escaping the drastic changes in routine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic during Microsoft's big Ignite 2020 developer/IT pro conference, this week shifted to an online-only event after drawing tens of thousands of in-person attendees in years past. 09/24/2020

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    Visual Studio 2019 v16.8 Preview Update Adds Codespaces

    To coincide with the Microsoft Ignite 2020 IT pro/developer event, the Visual Studio dev team shipped a new update, Visual Studio 2019 v16.8 Preview 3.1, with the main attraction being support for cloud-hosted Codespaces, now in a limited beta. 09/23/2020

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    New for Blazor: Azure Static Web Apps Support

    With Blazor taking the .NET web development world by storm, one of the first announcements during Microsoft's Ignite 2020 developer/IT event was its new support in Azure Static Web Apps. 09/22/2020

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    Entity Framework Core 5 RC1 Is Feature Complete, Ready for Production

    The first release candidate for Entity Framework 5 -- Microsoft's object-database mapper for .NET -- has shipped with a go live license, ready for production. 09/21/2020

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    VS Code 1.49 (August 2020 Update) Continues Remote Development Improvements

    In the work-at-home age of COVID-19, Microsoft's open source, cross-platform Visual Studio Code editor continues to see remote development improvements. 09/18/2020

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    Visual Studio Code's C++ Extension Hits v1.0 General Availability

    Microsoft announced the first generally available release of the C++ extension for Visual Studio Code, graduating to version 1.0 after debuting way back in April 2016, 09/17/2020

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    C++ Leads Visual Studio 2019 v16.8 Preview 3 Improvements

    The third preview of Visual Studio 2019 v16.8 shows the usual assortment of improvements touching upon productivity for Git, the Roslyn .NET compiler platform, and especially C++. 09/17/2020

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    Microsoft Says .NET 5 Replaces .NET Standard (Except for ...)

    .NET 5 improves code sharing and replaces .NET Standard except for cases where developers need to extend the reach of their code sharing to support older frameworks such as .NET Framework or share code between specific existing frameworks. 09/16/2020

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    .NET 5 Hits 'Go Live' Status in RC1, Ready for Production

    Developers can now feel free to use .NET 5 code in production, as Microsoft has deemed the new Release Candidate 1 a "go live" release ahead of the official debut on Nov. 10 -- after one more release candidate. 09/15/2020

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    Blazor Gets Faster (Even Without AOT)

    The C#-based Blazor web development framework received a performance boost with the new Release Candidate (RC) of the unifying .NET 5, scheduled for one more RC before go-live general availability in November 09/14/2020

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    VS Code Java Team Boosts IntelliSense Performance

    Microsoft's dev team for Java on Visual Studio Code is working to improve IntelliSense performance in the popular open source code editor that acts like an IDE via its vast library of extensions. 09/11/2020

  • How to Create and Use a PyTorch DataLoader

    Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research provides a full code sample and screenshots to explain how to create and use PyTorch Dataset and DataLoader objects, used to serve up training or test data in order to train a PyTorch neural network. 09/10/2020

  • Working with Local Storage in a Blazor Progressive Web App

    Thanks to Chris Sainty and Remi Bourgarel, working with local storage from a Blazor application running either in the browser or out of it is relatively easy. Testing your code can be equally easy but only if you set up support the real world of network connections. 09/09/2020

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    Amid COVID-19 Remote-Learning Surge, Microsoft Touts Azure Cognitive Services

    With the U.S. already adjusting to the new remote-work reality caused by COVID-19, remote learning is taking center stage as the school season starts, and Microsoft is touting its Azure Cognitive Services to help. 09/08/2020

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    Visual Studio Codespaces Consolidates to GitHub Codespaces

    Microsoft caused Codespaces confusion after it renamed its Visual Studio Online offering "Visual Studio Codespaces" and subsequently GitHub, owned by the company, introduced its own Codespaces. 09/04/2020

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