• News

    Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 CTP 1 Offers Web-Based Code Review

    First preview of VS 2013.4 introduces a web-based pull request option for Git and enhancements mainly to TFS and Visual C++. 09/04/2014

  • Cross-Platform C#

    Build Context-Aware Apps with iBeacons

    Context is king, and your app can easily create hyper-local experiences with iBeacons! 09/04/2014

  • News

    Visual F# Includes Windows Phone 8.1 in Portable Library Support

    Version 3.1.2 of the Microsoft F# derivation has expanded portable library support and enables the Publish option in Web and Azure projects. 09/03/2014

  • Practical TypeScript

    Managing Your Page States with Backbone Routers

    Peter turns the management of his single-page Backbone application over to Backbone itself by integrating Backbone Routers and Events. Plus: How to simplify your TypeScript code with longer namespaces. 09/02/2014

  • In-Depth

    Creating Custom HTTPClient Handlers

    Accessing Web APIs can be easily done using the HTTPClient Handler. This class expedites the development process in accessing data from a Web API, and allows for customizing the client handlers when the need arises. 08/28/2014

  • News

    Silver Demos Visual Studio's Multi-Device Dev Capabilities

    Microsoft's Amanda Silver addressed the challenges of developing for a widening spectrum of devices infiltrating the enterprise, and demonstrated a few tools that have been added to the Visual Studio suite for tackling those challenges head on. 08/26/2014

  • Practical .NET

    Managing Transactions in Entity Framework 6

    Here's an article about managing transactions that you don't need to read because, with one exception, Entity Framework will do the right thing by default. But, in the .NET Framework 4 and later, you can do more (if you ever need to). 08/25/2014

  • News

    Azure DocumentDB Preview Available to Devs in the Cloud

    Microsoft's Azure team releases NoSQL document database-as-a-service accessible for devs looking to toward the cloud for app development/deployment, as well as a few other developer-friendly Azure tools. 08/22/2014

  • News

    Xamarin Adds $54M for Mobile App Development

    Third round of funding to go toward expanding Visual C#-based mobile app tool offerings, and to growing the company's sales and marketing teams. 08/21/2014

  • DevDisasters

    Keep It Simple

    Simple problems are often solved by simple solutions. Other times, simple problems are solved with an end user running a Web site from Visual Studio on their machine. 08/20/2014

  • News

    Xamarin Updates, Unifies Its APIs

    Unified API at root of changes that will allow developers using Xamarin tools to simplify developing for 32- and 64-bit frameworks, as well as share code between Android and Apple apps. 08/20/2014

  • News

    What's 'vNext'? It's Visual Studio "14" CTP 3

    VS "14" CTP 3 includes early build of next-generation Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET, plus a slew of enhancements that include C++ productivity improvements. 08/19/2014

  • Neural Network Lab

    Understanding Neural Network Batch Training: A Tutorial

    There are two different techniques for training a neural network: batch and online. Understanding their similarities and differences is important in order to be able to create accurate prediction systems. 08/18/2014

  • News

    Visual Studio Online's Worst-Ever Week Continues

    This time, it's an issue with new Git projects. 08/15/2014

  • News

    Visual Studio Online Suffers Another Outage

    The repair team says it's rolling back recent updates to mitigate the problem. 08/14/2014

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