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    SharePoint: All About the Apps

    A portfolio of apps customized for your environment is the key to maximizing SharePoint's benefits. 07/29/2014

  • Neural Network Lab

    Neural Network Weight Decay and Restriction

    Weight decay and weight restriction are two closely related, optional techniques that can be used when training a neural network. This article explains exactly what weight decay and weight restriction are, and how to use them with an existing neural network application or implement them in a custom application. 07/28/2014

  • Microsoft Encourages Oracle Migrations to SQL Server 2014

    Microsoft yesterday unveiled an updated SQL Server Migration Assistant to ease moving existing Oracle databases to SQL Server 2014. 07/25/2014

  • Practical .NET

    The Last Step in UI Design: Scripting Interaction

    An interaction script bridges the gap between designing concepts and actually adding controls to forms. The interaction script will tell you what your application needs to do, leading you (finally) to what controls you need on which forms. 07/24/2014

  • News

    A Refreshed OData Client Code Generator

    Version 2.0.0, released earlier this month, contains a bevy usability, functionality, and configurability improvements, as well as rounds up a number of bug fixes. 07/24/2014

  • DevDisasters

    Lost in Translation

    After Wayne's employer decided to bring some outsourced code back in house, he discovered that developers in Kerbleckistan were doing some serious innovating in the science of passing parameters. 07/23/2014

  • News

    Azure AD SDKs Generally Available

    New security-minded Worker Account capability can be written into iOS, Android and OS X apps. 07/23/2014

  • News

    Visual Studio Online Turns Up AD Support, Portal Integration

    A few features get fine-tuned, including how Visual Studio Online is able to add a directory to an existing account to better centralize identity management. 07/22/2014

  • Modern C++

    Compiler Basics, Part 3: Syntax Analysis

    Kenny Kerr continues his series about compiler fundamentals by introducing the syntax analysis, grammars, and the act of parsing or interpreting source code. 07/21/2014

  • News

    Security Tightened in SQL Server Data Tools Update

    Database schema comparisons, security among incremental updates made to this July 2014 release of SSDT. 07/21/2014

  • Practical .NET

    Leveraging User Mental Models To Create Effective User Interfaces

    The principles of great UI design start from a different place than the principles that lead to great application design. They both end up in exactly the same place, though. 07/18/2014

  • News

    Nadella: Culture Change and a Smaller Microsoft

    Microsoft's CEO calls the company a "platforms and productivity" company, and calls for reducing workforce by 18,000, mainly from Nokia acquisition. 07/17/2014

  • News

    NuGet 3 Nearing Completion

    CTP 1 of the Microsoft development platform package manager introduces a new package source, speeds up performance and adds a debugger console. 07/17/2014

  • News

    Microsoft Debuts New Windows Apportals Technology

    New technology called Apportals aimed at enterprise developers working in healthcare, sales and distributed organizations and requires XAML and C# skills to set up. 07/16/2014

  • News

    Microsoft Rolls Out IoT Developer Portal

    Next up: Developer kits to roll out to early registrants, along with open source code for building Internet of Things-connected apps and devices. 07/16/2014

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