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OpenSilver 3.0 Framework for .NET Gets UI by AI

A new AI-powered UI designer highlights the new release of OpenSilver 3.0, a free, open-source UI framework for building modern .NET web applications in C# and XAML, basically a reimplementation of Microsoft Silverlight that runs on current browsers via WebAssembly.

Open Source 'Eclipse Theia IDE' Exits Beta to Challenge Visual Studio Code

Some seven years in the making, the Eclipse Foundation's Theia IDE project is now generally available, emerging from beta to challenge Microsoft's similar Visual Studio Code editor, with which it shares much tech.

First Official OpenAI Library for .NET Goes Beta

Although it seems Microsoft and OpenAI have been deeply intertwined partners for a long time, they are only now getting around to releasing an official OpenAI library for .NET developers, joining existing community libraries.

Semantic Kernel AI SDK Advances to GA in Java and Python

Microsoft announced the general availability of Semantic Kernel for Python and Java, advancing the open source AI integration SDK that is a key component of the company's Copilot stack of AI tools.

Microsoft Ships Data API Builder for Azure SQL Databases

Microsoft today announced the general availability of the open source Data API builder (DAB), which provides REST and GraphQL endpoints for Azure databases, some three years in the making.

Microsoft Shares Copilot Prompts in New GitHub Repo (Contributions Welcomed)

Microsoft has taken a step further in democratizing the prompt engineering field by sharing a collection of prompts for its various Copilots in a new GitHub repository. It's community-led and contributions are welcome, though you should be comfortable with your forking, branching, cloning and such.

OpenSilver 2.2 Aims to Revive Visual Studio LightSwitch Legacy Apps

OpenSilver 2.2 debuted today with a focus on helping developers revive Visual Studio LightSwitch legacy applications

.NET-Centric Uno Platform Debuts 'Single Project' for 9 Targets

"We've reduced the complexity of project files and eliminated the need for explicit NuGet package references, separate project libraries, or 'shared' projects."

As Xamarin.Forms Nears End-of-Life, Uno Platform Throws Hat into Replacement Ring

With Microsoft's Xamarin.Forms mobile-centric UI toolkit for .NET developers nearing its end-of-life date of May 1, the open source Uno Platform is throwing its hat into the ring as a possible replacement.

For Build Developer Conference, Semantic Kernel AI SDK Aims for 'First-Class Agent Support'

Microsoft is shaping up its Semantic Kernel SDK for AI development for the company's Build developer conference, which might be coming in late May.

'F# Meets XAML' in Open Source Silverlight Alternative, OpenSilver 2.1

"The integration of F# in OpenSilver 2.1 bridges the gap between functional programming and the development of rich, interactive web UIs."

Among Hundreds of AI Tools for VS Code, GitHub Copilot Chat Explodes

Number of installs has grown some 1,770 percent since we last checked, and it's now the second-most popular AI tool behind original GitHub Copilot.

Microsoft's Semantic Kernel SDK Ships with AI Agents, Plugins, Planners and Personas

Microsoft's Semantic Kernel AI SDK has new documentation to explain its capability to create AI agents that can interact with users, answer questions, call existing code, automate processes and perform various other tasks.

Crafting an AI Mixologist Using Semantic Kernel

What better way to learn about cutting-edge AI than creating a "copilot" assistant that can act as a mixologist, suggesting new cocktail recipes based on available ingredients?

GitHub Copilot Chat Nears GA: 'Today We Are Re-Founded on Copilot'

GitHub announced its "Copilot Chat" offering will reach general availability next month as the company goes all in on AI.

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