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Semantic Kernel (AI LLM Integration) Gets VS Code Tools, Python Support

It helps developers infuse advanced AI technology into their apps, including wildly popular generative AI systems like ChatGPT and GPT-4 from Microsoft partner OpenAI.

Microsoft Pushes Open Source 'Semantic Kernel' for AI LLM-Backed Apps

Since recently introducing the open source Semantic Kernel to help developers use AI large language models (LLMs) in their apps, Microsoft has been busy improving it, publishing new guidance on how to use it and touting its capabilities.

.NET Apps Show Poorly in Software Security Report

A new software security report finds .NET applications had the highest percentage of flaws when compared to two popular programming languages (even though .NET isn't a programming language).

Uno Platform 4.7 Sports New Project Template

"In this updated solution template, the 'Shared Project' is replaced by a regular cross-platform library containing all user code files."

As GitHub Quits Atom for VS Code, GitLab Revamps Web IDE (Based on VS Code)

The reach of Microsoft's super-popular, open source-based Visual Studio Code editor is still expanding, now supplying the tech for two of the most prominent code repository platforms, GitHub and GitLab.

Another GitHub Copilot Detractor Emerges, a California Lawyer Eyeing Lawsuit

"The legal­ity of Copi­lot must be tested before the dam­age to open source becomes irrepara­ble."

OpenSilver Gets Closer to Open Source Parity with Long-Dead Microsoft Silverlight

OpenSilver 1.0 arrived a year ago on the same exact date that Microsoft Silverlight's official support life ended, providing an open source alternative to the developer favorite that effectively died years earlier. Now, it has been updated to v1.1, getting closer to feature parity with the framework it was designed to replace.

Blazor Among Top Libraries for 'Niche' WebAssembly, Which Sees Shrinking Usage

While WebAssembly has made quite a splash in the web-dev world, a new report describes it as "niche" tech whose usage is actually contracting, though among that shrinking usage, Microsoft's Blazor is among the top libraries.

New Uno Platform 4.5 Furthers Figma Embrace, Picking Up Where Microsoft Blend Left Off

It provides "some tooling C# and XAML developers have been asking for, and have been asking for since Blend," the company said.

Visual Studio Build Tools Licensing Eased for Open Source C++ Projects

Microsoft has eased some licensing requirements for Visual Studio Build Tools (VSBT), which comprises a standalone MSVC compiler, libraries and scripts for C++.

VS Code Dev Intros Open Source Markdown Language Server

A maintainer of JavaScript/TypeScript for the VS Code team has completely changed the way Markdown works in the editor, replacing (and adding to) functionality that was previously baked in and augmented by extensions.

Canonical/Microsoft Partnership Puts .NET 6 into Ubuntu Linux

Microsoft and Canonical announced a months-long partnership has resulted in .NET 6 being included in the latter company's latest Ubuntu distribution of the Linux OS.

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Microsoft Announces SynapseML for .NET for Large-Scale Machine Learning

Microsoft announced SynapseML for .NET, building on its open source project for large-scale machine learning that debuted last November.

How New GitHub Projects 'Connects Your Planning Directly to the Work'

Microsoft-owned GitHub announced the general availability of a revamped Projects that's intended to more fully integrate the project planning and development processes.

Microsoft Pumps Out Weekly VS 2022 Previews, Open Sources SBOM Tool

As July winded down, Microsoft started pumping out weekly previews of Visual Studio 2022 v17.3, along with open sourcing a tool to generate a software bill of materials (SBOM), instrumental to government cybersecurity best practices guidance.

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