• News

    Will Flutter Become a Xamarin Option?

    An open source GitHub project championed by a handful of developers seeks to add Google's new Flutter mobile UI framework as an option for creating native mobile apps in the Xamarin framework. 01/08/2019

  • Practical .NET

    Creating Web Pages with Blazor: The Basics

    If you know how to create an ASP.NET MVC View, you know a great deal about how to create pages in Blazor. But, by packaging up pages as Blazor Components, you can use (and re-use) those pages more like objects. 01/07/2019

  • Practical .NET

    Finding Your Objects in ASP.NET Core

    Central to ASP.NET Core is the collection of objects that give you access to ASP.NET Core functionality. Here's how to access it, how to add to it and an example of how to use this technology with the "difficult" cases. 01/04/2019

  • C# Corner

    An Introduction to Templated Components in Blazor

    Templated components expose customizable sections via parameters, and consumers then pass in their own templates for these sections that the component will use when rendering. They make it really easy to create some high-level reusable components, especially when incorporating generics. 01/03/2019

  • The Data Science Lab

    Image Classification Using Keras

    Creating a custom image classification model is challenging, but the existence of neural network libraries like Keras has made it doable. Here's how, with many code samples and a full project download. 01/02/2019

  • News

    Top .NET Tutorials in 2018

    Visual Studio Magazine's stable of expert programmers this year wrote code-laden, hands-on tutorials ranging from traditional topics such as ASP.NET MVC to cutting-edge Blazor to Microsoft's new direction: .NET Core. Here's a recap of the most popular how-tos. 12/20/2018

  • 2018: When VS Code Eclipsed Visual Studio IDE

    The success of VS Code -- along with the evolution of the open source, cross-platform .NET Core -- provides the signature theme of 2018 in the Microsoft developer ecosystem. 12/19/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Programming Will Always Be Hard

    If you're a programmer then you know that you frequently get things wrong. Sometimes you find those bugs before your application gets to production ... and sometimes you don't. Bad news: Nothing is going to help and it's not going to get any better. 12/17/2018

  • News

    VB.NET Hits High in Programming Language Popularity Index

    TIOBE, in discussing Visual Basic's all-time high in the popularity index, characterized the ascension of the "toy" language as "surprising" and predicted a future decline. 12/17/2018

  • News

    The Visual Studio Magazine 2019 Reader's Choice Awards Are Out

    There's no better source of guidance about tool selection than the opinions of fellow developers. 12/17/2018

  • News

    VS Code Python Tool Adds Jupyter Functionality

    The super-popular Python extension for the Visual Studio Code editor gets some new Jupyter functionality in the December release, including Jupyter Notebook export options and remote Jupyter support. 12/14/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Providing Constant Context for .NET Core Tests

    By default, tests in the new .NET Core testing framework (xUnit) are isolated. This is a good thing ... except when you need to create a single test environment that is used by multiple tests. Here's all the ways you can provide a single environment for a set of tests in xUnit. 12/13/2018

  • News

    Triplebyte Charts 'The Rise of Visual Studio Code'

    Technical hiring specialist Triplebyte, noticing a huge upsurge in the use of Visual Studio Code during its hands-on programming interviews, dug into its data trove to learn more. 12/12/2018

  • News

    Big Changes in Xamarin.Forms 4.0 Prompt Early Preview

    There are so many big changes coming in Xamarin.Forms 4.0 that Microsoft has issued an earlier-than-usual preview to gather feedback on the cross-platform UI toolkit for coding iOS and Android apps. 12/12/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Writing xUnit Tests in .NET Core

    There's a new testing framework in town. Here's how to use it. 12/11/2018

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