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    Microsoft Announces 'Windows ML' Platform for AI-Assisted Windows 10 Apps

    Microsoft today said Windows 10 developers will soon be able to more easily infuse artificial intelligence functionality into their apps with the help of a new machine learning platform coming in the next update of the OS. 03/07/2018

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    VS Code Team Posts Help Wanted Ad for More Python

    Microsoft has gone all in on Python for its cross-platform, open source code editor and is now seeking more dev help after hiring the creator of a popular Python extension (7 million installs) and taking ownership of the project. 03/07/2018

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    What's New in Visual Studio for Mac 7.4

    Microsoft this week announced the availability of Visual Studio for Mac 7.4, which now supports recent versions of Android, macOS and C# among many other new features. 03/07/2018

  • Practical TypeScript

    Copying Classes in TypeScript

    If you need to create a version of a class from several sources or just want to merge default values with a user's input, object spreading solves your problem. JavaScript won't let you do this (yet) but TypeScript will. 03/06/2018

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    What's New in Visual Studio 2017 15.6

    Microsoft shipped Visual Studio 2017 15.6 with improved performance -- especially in solution load times -- topping the list of new features and enhancements. 03/06/2018

  • Brush Up Your SQL

    LINQ and Entity Framework are great ... but you're still going to need to write SQL. 03/05/2018

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    Microsoft Ships First v2.1 Previews of .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core

    Microsoft has shipped the first preview of .NET Core 2.1 -- its modularized, open source, cross-platform evolution of the .NET Framework and runtime -- along with associated "Core" packages for ASP.NET and Entity Framework. 03/02/2018

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    Microsoft Boosts AI-Driven Vision, Search Services in Azure Cloud

    Microsoft announced several enhancements and new offerings for its Cognitive Services cloud APIs that help developers leverage artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in mobile and other apps. 03/02/2018

  • In-Depth

    Xamarin vs. Newcomer Flutter: What Developers Say

    Although it was only just released as a beta, the open source Flutter framework for cross-platform mobile app development is drawing comparisons with Microsoft's Xamarin in the developer community. 03/01/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Supporting Developers with JSON Schema

    If you're building services it's critical that you support the developers who will create and read your service's messages. JSON Schema lets you support the three principles of good message design in a way that supports developers. 02/28/2018

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    VSTS Adding More Programming Languages for 'Azure DevOps Projects'

    Azure DevOps Projects, introduced several months ago and powered by Visual Studio Team Services, is getting closer to emerging from its public preview as the VSTS team continues to add functionality, including support for more programming languages. 02/28/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Managing and Enforcing Message Formats for Services

    You can dramatically simplify life for developers creating services and their consumers by following three rules for designing messages and then enforcing your message formats with JSON Schema. 02/27/2018

  • News

    One-Stop Guidance for Using Azure Cloud Services with Xamarin

    Microsoft has published one-stop guidance for sorting out myriad Azure cloud services available for Xamarin mobile app development projects -- in the form of a poster. 02/27/2018

  • The Data Science Lab

    Neural Network Dropout Using Python

    Go hands-on with data scientist Dr. James McCaffrey as he explains neural network dropout, a technique that can be used during training to reduce the likelihood of model overfitting. 02/26/2018

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    Silverlight Reborn? Check Out 'C#/XAML for HTML5'

    C#/XAML for HTML5 from Userware, also called CSHTML5, allows .NET developers to write Web apps in C# and XAML by compiling the files to HTML5 and JavaScript -- or to migrate existing Silverlight apps to the Web. 02/26/2018

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