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    MSTest Framework Support in .NET/ASP.NET 1.0 Core RC 2

    To smoothen the testing process for .NET Core 1.0 and ASP.NET Core 1.0 deployments, the Visual Studio team has released a preview of its MSTest Framework that supports the RC versions. 05/31/2016

  • Practical .NET

    Processing All Properties on an Object

    If you ever need to work with all of the properties in some object, you can use GetType and GetProperties to retrieve the object's PropertyInfo objects. After that you can do what you want. Here's an extension method that sets all those properties to their defaults, for example. 05/27/2016

  • Connection Strings

    Ignore the Myths About C++ And Read This

    Online book from C++ expert Andrey Karpov aims to explain away the myths of C++ programming by way of example. 05/26/2016

  • In-Depth

    For C# Developers, The Future Is Compositional Thinking

    From Visual Studio Live! Austin: Innovations like Microsoft's HoloLens will require adapting procedural, linear programming and thinking in terms of compositional programming, observes UX expert Billy Hollis. 05/25/2016

  • Modern C++

    Initialize Member Variables in the Order You Declare Them

    In part 4 of this series on the C++ Core Guidelines, Kate Gregory reminds you of an oddity in C++ when it comes to initializing member variables, and shows you a best practice that will make sure this oddity never hurts you. 05/25/2016

  • Connection Strings

    Silver Anniversary for Visual Basic

    A belated 25th birthday to Visual Basic. Yes, 25 years ago, this language transformed the Windows app market in ways even Microsoft could not have imagined. 05/24/2016

  • In-Depth

    Faster, Leaner Future for Visual Studio Development

    From Visual Studio Live! Austin: Microsoft's Tarek Madkour reveals the current state of the Visual Studio union, with a good view of the latest on .NET and .NET Core. 05/23/2016

  • Practical TypeScript

    Integrating ASP.NET MVC, React and JSX with TypeScript

    Creating a form with TypeScript, React and JSX lets you generate the HTML for your form dynamically, at runtime, and on the user's computer. Here's how to integrate a data- driven form into ASP.NET MVC. 05/23/2016

  • Organize Classes into Folders in Class View

    Organizing your code into folders is a good idea. Those folders don't have to be in your file system. 05/20/2016

  • News

    Windows Devs Now Have Direct Pipeline to Docker Tools

    Docker is open sourcing developer tools used to facilitate standing up containers targeted for Windows and Mac platforms. 05/19/2016

  • News

    New Exams for UWP-Based MCSD Title

    As Microsoft Learning slates two exams for the MCSD: UWP for retirement next year, two more skills-focused exams will take their places. 05/18/2016

  • Cross-Platform C#

    How To Programmatically Customize iOS Keyboards with C#

    Developers will always look to customize everything, and keyboards aren't out of bounds. Here's how to customize the iOS keyboard that pops up in your mobile apps to address any shortcomings. 05/18/2016

  • Practical .NET

    Simplifying Data Retrieval with CQRS in ASP.NET MVC

    Data retrieval and updates are very different activities so the CQRS pattern says that the smart thing to do is treat them differently. Here's a variety of solutions for the retrieval side in an ASP.NET MVC application. 05/17/2016

  • News

    Desktop App Converter Gets Windows Apps Running on UWP

    Developers can use the Desktop App Converter to convert Win32- and .NET 4.6.1-based apps to run on the Universal Wndows Platform and related extensions and toolings. 05/17/2016

  • News

    .NET Core, ASP.NET Core RC2 Available This Week

    New updates mainly fall into the performance and reliability categories, but the .NET engineering teams also inlcude an update to the .NET Core SDK, dubbed 'Preview 1.' 05/16/2016

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