• Practical .NET

    Dealing with Unsafe DELETEs in RESTful Services

    Your DELETE request to the service just timed out. Surely, it's safe to send it again. Actually, it may not be. 05/30/2018

  • News

    AWS' Lumberyard Game Engine Beta Adds Visual Studio 2017 Support

    Amazon Web Services released a new beta of its Lumberyard game engine with more than 200 new features, including support for Visual Studio 2017. 05/30/2018

  • Practical TypeScript

    Type Flexibility with Conditional Types

    TypeScript applies type safety to JavaScript but, with conditional types, adds some flexibility in how consistent your types are. 05/29/2018

  • Cross-Platform C#

    Styling Xamarin.Forms Apps with CSS

    New support for styling Xamarin.Forms apps with CSS may be controversial, but Greg Shackles thinks CSS is a powerful (and frequently maligned) solution to the problem of styling native mobile applications. See what he means in this hands-on tutorial. 05/29/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Dealing with Unsafe Methods in RESTful Services

    Your update request to the service just timed out. Is it safe to send it again? Maybe. Here's how to ensure that all your update, delete and add requests are safe plus some advice on what you should really be calling them and handling concurrency. 05/29/2018

  • Converting DataTables to JSON

    Sometimes your applications have to combine older technology with newer practices. Here's one example of how to keep your code up to date without replacing it. 05/29/2018

  • News

    AI and Mixed Reality Coming to Microsoft SharePoint

    Microsoft this week touted its recent investments in artificial intelligence and mixed reality in its SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server products. 05/23/2018

  • What the Colors for Changed Lines in Visual Studio Mean

    Here's a guide to the colorful lines down the right-hand margin of your editor window (and how to get them). 05/22/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Really Rest: Eliminating Documentation by Implementing HATEOAS

    If you want to implement a fully "REST-compliant" application you should address a critical question: How do consumers know what URLs to use? What if all the consumer needed to know was how to use the HTTP protocol and a little common sense? 05/22/2018

  • Visual Studio Toolbox

    16 New Code Analysis, Testing and Debugging Tools For Visual Studio 2017

    Back in the day, we'd write some code, compile, execute, see what happened and repeat. That was testing. (Sometimes that's still what testing looks like, for better or worse.) Today, we can do a lot better. 05/17/2018

  • Mobile Corner

    Build a Xamarin.Forms Application with MvvmCross

    Building cross-platforms applications has never been easier using Microsoft's Xamarin.Forms. In this article Nick introduces v6 of MvvmCross and shows how it can be leveraged to accelerate development and improve the architecture of a Xamarin.Forms application. 05/16/2018

  • The Data Science Lab

    Introduction to Keras with TensorFlow

    Our data science doctor provides a hands-on neural networking tutorial to explain how to get started with the popular Keras library, a high-level wrapper over TensorFlow. 05/15/2018

  • Practical TypeScript

    Build Your First TypeScript Application (2018)

    Here's what a real-world "Hello, World" TypeScript application looks like (beginning with a discussion of whether you need TypeScript at all). 05/14/2018

  • News

    Google Taps VS Code for Flutter Mobile SDK, Dart Programming Language

    Visual Studio Code, ever growing in popularity and flexibility, has been named by Google as a first-class code editor for working with the company's Flutter SDK and Dart programming language for mobile development. 05/11/2018

  • News

    Microsoft's Adam Tuliper on the .NET Standard and Porting Your .NET Code

    Q&A with Adam Tuliper: Why was the .NET Standard created? What are its top 3 primary benefits to developer? What steps do developers need to take to make their code portable under the .NET Standard? ... and more. 05/10/2018

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