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    Microsoft Joins Open Source Initiative

    Microsoft, continuing a years-long transformation into a more open company, has joined the Open Source Initiative as a premium sponsor. 09/28/2017

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    VS Code Gets Java Debugger

    Visual Studio Code is getting more Java programming functionality in a new extension from Microsoft -- in collaboration with Red Hat -- that adds debugging capabilities. 09/28/2017

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    Can't Wait for JNBridge's Java.VS? Program Java in VS Code Now with Red Hat Tool

    JNBridge recently announced the upcoming Java.VS, which will allow Java programming within Visual Studio. But for those who can't wait, there's already a free tool available from open source champion Red Hat for the IDE's little cousin, the Visual Studio Code editor. 09/27/2017

  • Code Focused

    Extracting Data with Regular Expressions

    Regular expressions give Tim Patrick the creeps, but he overcame his fears by discovering specially crafted regex patterns can access data in a way that’s actually kind of cool. 09/26/2017

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    Coming to Visual Studio: Quantum Computing

    One of the notable announcements at Microsoft's Ignite conference was the news that the company is making a big play in futuristic quantum computing, and those efforts will be tied into the Visual Studio IDE. 09/26/2017

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    GitHub for Visual Studio Adds Pull Request Comments from IDE

    GitHub for Visual Studio 2.3 is out, featuring a new ability to comment on pull requests made from the popular open source code repository. 09/26/2017

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    SQL Server 2017 Debut Highlights Ignite Conference

    SQL Server 2017 will officially hit general availability on Oct. 2, Microsoft announced today at its Ignite conference in Orlando, Fla. 09/25/2017

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    CMake Gets Boost in Latest Visual Studio 2017 Preview

    The new Visual Studio 2017 15.4 Preview 2 includes a boost to the CMake software build management tool, which now lets developers target Linux directly. 09/22/2017

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    WPF Images Suddenly Blacked Out? Here's the Fix for Update Glitch

    Have images in your Windows Presentation Foundation application suddenly gone black? The problem was likely caused by a recent update glitch, and Microsoft has published a workaround. 09/22/2017

  • Visual Studio Toolbox

    22 New Tools and Extensions for Visual Studio 2017

    Summer is coming to a close, and there's a new class of Visual Studio tools and extensions available specifically for the latest release, Visual Studio 2017. 09/21/2017

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    GrapeCity Offers Spreadsheet Server API Across .NET Platforms

    GrapeCity Developer Solutions enhanced its portfolio of .NET developer components with a new spreadsheet server API for creating and working with Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheets. 09/21/2017

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    How Microsoft Graph Provides an 'Internet of Your Things'

    It can't help with your teen's geometry homework, but it can make your life as a developer in the Microsoft ecosystem much easier, said Microsoft exec Mark Stafford, who explained just how that works in today's Visual Studio Live! keynote address in Chicago. 09/20/2017

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    JNBridge Offers Java Coding in Visual Studio

    Java/.NET bridging specialist is soliciting developers to try out its upcoming Java.VS extension, which enables Java programming within Microsoft's flagship IDE. 09/20/2017

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    The Evolving Role of the Developer

    Jay Schmelzer, director of Program Management for the Visual Studio Team at Microsoft, described the new face of application development in today's keynote presentation at the Visual Studio Live! conference in Chicago, titled "Modern Application Development with Visual Studio, .NET and Azure." 09/19/2017

  • Practical .NET

    Working with JSON in SQL Queries

    SQL Server 2016 lets you treat JSON objects like rows in a table, allowing you to use data from AJAX queries in joins, updates and any other SQL statement you can think of. 09/19/2017

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