• In-Depth

    Emerging Experiences, The HoloLens, and .NET Developers

    Natural User Interface expert Tim Huckaby gave a glimpse of some of the more interesting challenges developer face with computing becoming more "natural," including how to control computers beyond the devices themselves. That was the message at his keynote talk at Visual Studio Live! in Boston. 06/15/2016

  • In-Depth

    Microsoft's Fritz Describes .NET of Tomorrow

    At Visual Studio Live! in Boston, Microsoft's senior program manager in the Developer Outreach Group showcases a number of features that will move .NET into a broader, more cross-platform-friendly future. Also, Fritz says to expect .NET on June 27. 06/14/2016

  • Visual Studio Toolbox

    16 Essential Windows Tools for Amazon Web Services

    That "other" cloud company is a popular option due to the breadth of tools and capabilities. So, it only makes sense that there are a number of Windows developer tools available for those who want to hop on the AWS cloud. 06/14/2016

  • Practical .NET

    Creating a Flexible, Extendable Update Process

    In any real-world business, updating data isn't simple and changing the rows in the table is just the start of a complex set of processes. Fortunately, you can break those updates down into a bunch of simple processes that can be easily extended. 06/13/2016

  • News

    Xamarin Showcases Stable Release of Its Cross-Platform Dev Tools

    The cross-platform solutions provider that was acquired by Microsoft earlier this year released updates to its tools at the dotNetConf last week. 06/13/2016

  • Practical .NET

    Use Lambda Expressions in LINQ Includes

    You couldn't do it in earlier versions of Entity Framework but, in more recent versions, you can use lambda expressions to save yourself from some runtime errors. 06/10/2016

  • News

    Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 RC Now Available

    Updates to TACO, AppInsight and HockeyApp are features of this release along with stability, performance, and bug fixes. 06/09/2016

  • News

    As Devs Code .NET Core, Microsoft Offers Bug Bounty

    As developers churn through coding the next versions of .NET Core and other key Microsoft technologies, the company offers new bounties on bugs. Program runs to September. 06/09/2016

  • Modern C++

    Using the not_null Template for Pointers That Must Never Be Null

    Null pointer exceptions can get downright annoying, so who needs that? 06/08/2016

  • Connection Strings

    Visual Studio, .NET Framework Blogs Are Branching Out

    The MSDN blogs can't contain all the information that's being produced on the various Microsoft developer tools and technologies. 06/08/2016

  • News

    Sprint 100: A Milestone Visual Studio Team Services

    Last week, Microsoft's Visual Studio team released the 100th sprint for VSTS. It includes Docker release management and a Dashboard SDK for VSTS dashboard customization. 06/07/2016

  • Practical .NET

    Implementing Updates Without Query

    The CQRS pattern separates updates from queries, allowing you to create the best process for each of those activities. Effectively, CQRS codifies the standard practice for ASP.NET MVC developers: Here are some strategies for implementing that pattern and improving your application's performance. 06/06/2016

  • News

    Now In The AWS Marketplace: WinDocks

    WinDocks is now available for .NET developers looking for a smoother solution for spinning up Windows Server 2012-based Docker containers in the AWS cloud. 06/03/2016

  • Save a Trip to the Database with Deletes in Entity Framework

    Here's how to exploit Entity Framework's change tracking mechanism by eliminating some trips to the database. 06/03/2016

  • News

    Entity Developer 6.0 Now Supports EF Core 1.0, Telerik's Data Access

    New version allows for visual design and code generation of apps using Microsoft's newest Entity Framework Core 1.0, as well as popular data access framework from Telerik. 06/02/2016

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