• Skip Back to an Earlier Change in Visual Studio

    If you need to get back to an earlier place in your code, you don't have to go through every change in between. 02/16/2016

  • Code Focused

    Customize Authentication with ASP.NET Identity

    ASP.NET Identity is a simple but robust framework allowing you to easily inject custom authentication logic into your applications. 02/15/2016

  • News

    ReThinkDB Preview Available to Windows Users

    The company has been putting a year's worth of work porting its open source Web database management system to the Windows platform. 02/15/2016

  • News

    The Fix Is In: Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 CTP Available

    These are the fixes you were looking for: more than 300 bugs squashed in C++, as well as a number of editing fixes for those working with C# and Visual Basic projects. 02/11/2016

  • In-Depth

    Functional Programming, the .NET Way

    The functional programming paradigm, which has been around for decades, has never gone out of style. In this two-part series, we look at Microsoft's implementation, Visual F#. 02/10/2016

  • C# Corner

    ServiceStack and Razor Forms

    ServiceStack moves to a complete Web application framework with support for Razor forms. 02/10/2016

  • Connection Strings

    Time to Pivot on Windows Phone Dev Skills

    The death of Windows Phone, well, it looks like no exaggeration for now. It doesn't mean you're dead as a Windows Phone developer. 02/09/2016

  • News

    Visual Studio Tools for Unity Updated

    Version 2.2 fixes a few integration issues that have been bewitching Unity game developers. 02/09/2016

  • News

    Visual Studio Team Services Stops Twice

    When your goal is 99.999-percent uptime, there's a small crack in the window for downtime. That happened with Visual Studio Team Services last week. And it happened within a span of two days. 02/09/2016

  • Practical .NET

    Create Simple, Reliable Asynchronous Apps with BlockingCollection

    Dividing your application up into simple processes will make it easier to maintain and extend. Using BlockingCollection to communicate between those processes will let you make those processes run asynchronously. 02/08/2016

  • Open an ASP.NET MVC Dialog Box with Backbone

    Peter revisits an earlier column on how to display a dynamic dialog box to your browser-based users, this time using the JavaScript library that comes with ASP.NET MVC: Backbone. 02/05/2016

  • News

    New Benefits Added to Visual Studio Dev Essentials Program

    Visual Studio developers who are part of the Essentials Program now have access to more than $300-worth of Azure credits over a year, as well as the addition of mobile development courses from Xamarin University. 02/04/2016

  • Mobile Corner

    Building UWP Apps Using Xamarin.Forms

    One of the hardest challenges of mobile development is how to minimize the cost of building the same application for multiple platforms. Nick shows how to use Xamarin.Forms to develop a cross-platform application that also targets the Universal Windows Platform. 02/03/2016

  • News

    Syncfusion Big Data Platform Now Available

    The Windows-based Big Data tools and frameworks suite adds support for Apache Spark, Apache HBase and Scientific Python. 02/03/2016

  • The Data Science Lab

    Fundamentals of T-Test Using R

    Linear regression was easy, right? Now, let's check out t-test analysis using R. 02/02/2016

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