GitHub Copilot Chat UX Revamped in VS Code Update

Among a raft of improvements to the UX are several related to the tool's Chat functionality, which was recently introduced in beta for business users.

After Unity VS Code Tool Demise, Microsoft Previews One Powered by C# Dev Kit

Unity: "This plugin was a result of one of our hackweek experiments by a few of our former employees. Unfortunately, it's never been fully functional and hasn't received any updates for almost two years, bringing you an unstable coding experience."

New Microsoft Sandbox Uses Natural Language LLMs for SQL Queries

The open source project lets developers and data pros to use its Semantic Kernel SDK to experiment and test the abilities of LLMs to generate SQL queries based on natural language expressions.

Avalonia UI Offers VS Code Tool in '(Extremely) Early Build'

The tool will package up the most common Avalonia workflows and offer them to VS Code developers, starting out with two oft-used scenarios involving XAML markup: previewing and code completion.

New 'Reliable Web App Pattern' Leads Microsoft Java News

Basically a collection of cloud-design patterns and best practices, the new pattern leads several recent Java announcements that also concerned the company's Visual Studio Code tools for Java and its Java on Azure tooling.

VS Code Tool to Lead Stack Overflow's New 'OverflowAI' Effort

This extension pulls in validated content from both the public platform and your private Stack Overflow for Teams instance to provide your developers with a personalized summary of how to solve their problems efficiently and effectively, allow them to dig deeper where needed, and then document new learnings and solutions."

Microsoft Improves Natural Language UI for LLMs with Open Source TypeChat

Microsoft announced an open source project called TypeChat to help developers create better natural language UI for working with the large language models (LLMs) in advanced AI-powered applications.

Microsoft's Semantic Kernel AI SDK Adds Java, Integrates with Azure Cognitive Search

Microsoft has been busy updating its Semantic Kernel open source SDK for creating AI-infused applications, recently adding Java support and integration with Azure Cognitive Search.

GitHub Copilot for Business Gets Chat Beta: 'Imagine This ...'

"Imagine this: code explanations, debugging assistance, unit test suggestions, and more right in the IDE."

Infragistics Touts New Components for Blazor, Web Components in UX/UI Toolkit

Third-party .NET UX/UI dev tooling vendor Infragistics touted customized controls for Blazor and Web Components in the latest release of its flagship offering for desktop, web and mobile app designers and developers.

Finding Visual Studio 2022 Extensions Now Easier

"We're updating the Extension Manager to make it easier for you to find great extensions from the Visual Studio Marketplace and to make managing and keeping your existing extensions up to date a more seamless experience."

Syncfusion Updates Flagship Solution with Goodies for Blazor, .NET MAUI, More

Syncfusion shipped its latest release, Essential Studio 2023 Volume 2, bringing a variety of new controls and enhancements for supported mobile, web, and desktop platforms across a diverse range of targets including .NET MAUI, Blazor and more.

Silverlight Just Won't Die: 'XAML for Blazor' Arrives

Userware is using vestiges of the long-gone and sorely missed Microsoft Silverlight web-dev platform to power its new "XAML for Blazor" offering, which lets .NET developers use markup language within client-side Blazor applications.

Native AOT Advances in .NET 8 Preview 6

.NET 8, now four months away from GA, continues to advance native ahead-of-time compilation (native AOT) functionality in the new Preview 6.

.NET 8 Preview 6 Bolsters New Blazor Rendering Schemes

Microsoft shipped .NET 8 Preview 6, bolstering the new rendering schemes for Blazor, the ASP.NET Core web-dev component that allows for primarily using C# instead of JavaScript.

Microsoft Previews .NET MAUI Extension for VS Code

Brand new in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace is a .NET MAUI tool that provides cross-platform developers with easy access to the evolution of Xamarin.Forms that adds the ability to create desktop apps.

VS Code June Update: Copilot AI Chat Creates Workspaces, Notebooks

Generative AI again takes center stage in the latest edition of Microsoft's open source-based Visual Studio Code editor, which advanced to version 1.8.0 in the June 2023 update. A highlight of the release is the ability to use the AI-powered GitHub Copilot coding assistant to quickly scaffold projects and notebooks.

Microsoft Dev Box Cloud Workstation Service Now GA

As promised at Build 2023 in May, Microsoft Dev Box is now generally available, providing an Azure-based service that delivers virtual workstations specially configured for software development.

Open Source Avalonia .NET UI Framework Finally Hits Milestone v11 GA Release

After a nearly one-year preview and "countless thousands of hours of dedication" driving a years-long development effort, Avalonia v11 has shipped.

After Slowness Complaints, Microsoft Boosts Code Completion in VS Code Java Tooling

Microsoft's June update to its Java tooling in Visual Studio Code focuses on enhancing code completion performance, improving user experience in unit testing and project creation, and introducing new project types.

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